January 8, 2007

A Play A Day #270

Hill And Dale


Setting: Outside, anywhere

Hill: Dale?

Dale: Yeah, Hill?

Hill: I don't get it.

Dale: What don't you get?

Hill: Shapes in the ground, Dale.

Dale: What shapes in the ground, Hill?

Hill: You know, how the ground rises sometimes?

Dale: Yeah, I reckon I do know all about the ground rising.

Hill: I feel comfortable up there on those risings in the ground.

Dale: Sure you do, Hill, and you should feel comfort up there.

Hill: How bout you, Dale; what ground shapes you like?

Dale: I reckon I like flat places, between rises.

Hill: Like how flat are these places, Dale?

Dale: Kinda smooth, flat and long places.

Hill: You like smooth sorta flat land?

Dale: Places where you can stretch.

Hill: I guess I can see all that.

Dale: Can see for miles there.

Hill: In smooth, flat land?

Dale: Where I like to be.

Hill: Must be nice.

Dale: Yep, it is.

Hill: Okay then.

Dale: Alright.

Hill: Yeah.

Dale: Oh.

Hill: Yeah?

Dale: Well, I...

Hill: What is it?

Dale: Ah, it's nothing.

Hill: It's nothing?

Dale: Nothing.

Hill: Weird.

Dale: Sorry.

Hill: Flats?

Dale: Flats.

Hill: No rises?

Dale: Little rises.

Hill: Those are fine?

Dale: Yeah, don't mind those.

Hill: They're what I like best.

Dale: Yeah, we've covered all that.

Hill: Yeah, I guess we covered it all.

Dale: Only one thing left to do then, Hill.

Hill: I know just what you're gonna say here, Dale.

Dale: Well, gosh golly; I know what I'm gonna say here too.

Hill: You don't even need to say it, since we both already know.

Dale: But, I just gotta say it, Hill. It's churning me up inside.

Hill: Alright, if you think it's for the best; you say it, Dale.

Dale: Can you take the iron shackle offa my left ankle now?

Hill: I really wish that I could that for you, Dale.

Dale: Why ain'tcha gonna do it for me, Hill.

Hill: Can't have ya wandering again.

Dale: I don't go wandering, Hill.

Hill: You wander far, Dale.

Dale: I do not wander.

Hill: Over the rises.

Dale: Over the rises?

Hill: And the flats.

Dale: And the flats?

Hill: You do that.

Dale: I do not.

Hill: You do.

Dale: I do?

Hill: Yep.

Dale: No.

Hill: Yep.

Dale: Ah.

Hill: So.

Dale: Ah.

Hill: Well.

Dale: But why?

Hill: I don't know.

Dale: You say I wander.

Hill: Yep, that's what I say.

Dale: Over the rises and the flats?

Hill: Over the rises and across the flats.

Dale: But we tend to livestock; we gotta wander.

Hill: True enough, but we can't have you wandering.

Dale: I'm leading the livestock across the stark landscape.

Hill: That's nice, but we're supposed to be following the livestock.

Dale: So you gotta shackle my leg to get that point across?

Hill: You didn't seem to listen to reason at first.

Dale: I'm always listen to your reason, Hill.

Hill: But you wouldn't this time, Dale.

Dale: The livestock need some wander.

Hill: Not that much wander, Dale.

Dale: It's good for their legs.

Hill: It runs'em roughshod.

Dale: Exercise is good.

Hill: Yeah, but...

Dale: Yeah?

Hill: Ahh.

Dale: Oh.

Hill: Look.

Dale: At what?

Hill: Landscape.

Dale: The rises and flats.

Hill: Can't be out there all the time.

Dale: Why can't I be out there all the time?

Hill: We'd give the rises and the flats some bad names.

Dale: Oh, never thought of it that way.

Hill: Well, you should.

Dale: I guess I will.

Hill: You should.

Dale: I will.

Hill: Good.

Dale: Okay.


Hill: Now.

Dale: Yeah?

Hill: Tomorrow.

Dale: For tomorrow?

Hill: The rises.

(pause a bit)

Dale: Hill?

Hill: Yeah, Dale?

Dale: The leg shackle?

(pause until lights are out)

Hill: I'm thinking about it, Dale.


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