January 27, 2007

A Play A Day #289

Size Matters

5 (actor should be about five feet tall)
6 (actor should be well over six feet tall)
7 (actor should be about five feet tall)
10 (voice)

Setting: Bare stage

(Enter 5 and 6)

5: Big night tonight, huh, 6?

6: Should be pretty crazy, 5!

5: Oh yeah!

(enter 7)

6: There you are!

7: Hey, guys, ready to roll?

5: We gotta wait for 10.

7: Shit, that blowhard?!

6: Come on, play nice tonight.

7: Ahh, it's just that's he's always shooting his mouth off.

5: Yeah, like we can't all do that, like we're nothing?!

7: He's mostly useless anyway, usually can only do the job half-way.

6: Listen 7, I know he's hard to take all at once, but remember he's just compensating.

5: He's a dick!

6: True, but he's compensating... he has strength in a number, but we have strength in numbers. Don't forget that.

7: Yeah, I suppose, and we probably won't even see him anyway.

6: The odds of bumping into him are very slim.

5: Where is he?

10: (voice only) You shrimpdicks ready?

7: (under his breath) Shit.

6: Where are you, 10?

10: Over here, little twig!

5: (pointing) Sounded like over there.

(7, 6 and 5 walk that way)

10: Not there, shorties, this way!

(7, 6 and 5 walk opposite direction)

6: (bending down to the floor) Ahh! There you are.

10: Let's go, you snub noses, I've got cunt to hunt!

(they all start off)

5: (quietly to 7 and 6) This should be another blast.

7: (quietly to 6 and 5) Idiot didn't even bring his coat.

6: (quietly to 7 and 5) Hey, be happy we don't have to deal with him, you know, intrapersonally.

(they are off, lights out)


1 comment:

Brendon Etter said...

A clue if you don't get this one: think of visual statistics, think of the characters in terms of standard distribution curves...

Mean about 6, standard deviation a little over 1...