January 11, 2007

A Play A Day #273

The Rememberings Of Stabbings Past


Setting: Living room. Cynthia sits on the floor, going through photos. Fiver reads a magazine on the sofa.

Cynthia: Ohh, look at this Fiver. (holds out a picture to him) Remember this?

Fiver: Yes.

C: Wow. Unbelievable.

F: That was fun.

C: Huh?

F: Thank you.

C: What?

F: For remembering that picture.

C: What?

F: The one you showed me.

C: Yeah?

F: It was fun to remember that picture.

C: I don't get it.

F: That picture. So many memories.

C: Did you look at it?

F: Yeah.

C: Fun?

F: Yeah, so much fun.

C: It's when you were in the hospital after you got mugged and stabbed in the liver.

F: What?

C: Two guys, stabbed you in the liver, you weren't found until the morning.

F: Hmmm?

C: Intensive care for a week, that time?

F: Really?

C: What?

F: Stabbed?

C: Yeah! Pierced your liver?

F: Ouch, bet that hurts.

C: You nearly died!

F: Odd. I feel fine.

C: Now, yes. That was two years ago.

F: Sounds pretty bad.

C: It was! I cried for weeks, Fiver.

F: Sad.

C: Yes, of cou... what's wrong with you?

F: Nothing. Feel alright.

C: I mean, you don't remember the stabbing, the hospital.

F: No.

C: But we talked about it last week, at the Murrays; you told everyone about the whole thing.

F: Yes, I did. That's right.

C: But, now...

F: The picture. Thank you... for the picture.

C: The picture?

F: I remember now.

C: I don't know when you've ever forgot about it.

F: Well, actually, I've only seen that picture once before.

C: Right, but... what?

F: Now, you showed it to me, now I remember that picture.

C: Yeah, it was the day they took you out of intensive care.

F: Nice rectangular shape.

C: Wha...? Intensive care?

F: The picture.

C: Ummm... yeah, I... What... Are you telling me that you remember that picture?

F: Very well.

C: Okay.

F: Some guy in a hospital bed, looks in pretty bad shape.

(lights out)


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