January 26, 2007

A Play A Day #288

Wednesday At The Children's Museum


Setting: The Children's Museum

(Lights up, enter Lia and Reed, stage left, walking slowly)

Lia: Oh, Reed, this is so exciting!

Reed: It's been a while, but it's worth it.

L: They needed a lot of time.

R: Don't want to screw up something like this.

L: And to open the show on a Wednesday too!

R: That was a very noble touch.

L: They've been so kind to us this whole year.

R: I know, it's like we paid them for this special treatment instead of the other way around.

L: Remind me to write them a huge thank-you card when we get home.

R: I'll write one too.

L: Ohh, that'll be nice; do that.

R: I just think that they've done so much to honor our family with this display.

L: Think of how many people will see it!

R: I mean, we've always been supporters.

L: It's a fabulous organization; they give so much to the community.

R: It was about time that we gave them enough to better serve their mission.

L: And the large brass plaque honoring our donation doesn't hurt our position in town.

R: Well, yes... but that was not the purpose.

L: I know; I know. It was to honor Wednesday's memory.

(they stop in front of a large encased diorama, it needn't be visible to the audience, but if you want it to be, then put in the appropriate "prop")

R: And... wow... there she is.

L: Oh my! She's beautiful.

R: So serene, peaceful. In her natural environment.

L: She looks so life-like, so... happy.

R: (hugging L close) Much happier than when we told her about the sale.

L: Oh, Wednesday...

R: It was the right thing, Lia. It was the right amount. It was the right time.

L: Yes, I know... it's just that she's here... forever.

R: (quieting her) It's for the children, dear, for the children.

(lights fade)


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