January 15, 2008

The Number of the Beast, Part II

Much like this first list of grave alert, more numbers with a significant link to 666 have recently come to light. Here they are. Oops, I mean, Here They ARE!!! This is very serious beastness...

1. 1/666 is the Reciprocal Number of the Beast

2. X666 is the Power of the Beast

3. 6! 6! 6! is the Superbowl Halftime Number of the Beast (Jazz hands, everyone!)

4. 696 is the Number of the Beast enjoying itself a bit too much

5. 111 is the Number of the Anorexic Beast

6. 6... 6....... 6... is the Number of the Overly Dramatic Beast

7. "Dearest Mother,

How are you? Things are going well. Work is hell. I can handle the screams, but what is it about a piercing wail that just eats away at my darkly-tinctured soul? I thought I would just..."

is the Letter of the Beast

8. 00666 is the Spy Number of the Beast

9. 666-ish is the Number of the Poseur Beast

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