January 7, 2008

New Metaphors for Making Love

I always say, out with the old and in with the new, and out with the old and in with the new, and out and then in again, and out, followed by a quick in, then a rapid out, then maybe wait a little while, and right back in, then a slow out followed by a slow in, and repeat and out and ...

Oh, hi there. You caught me thinking... So, new metaphors for "making love," itself a crafty metaphor, but, alas, one that has long since passed hackneyed and gone right on into full amputropism.

So, let's not spare the rod while beating around this bush, on with the new metaphors:

1. Fabricating Rapture

2. Amassing Mash

3. Affection Erection

4. Constructing Ardor

5. Synergizing Synchronization

6. Composing Doting

7. Adulation Formation

8. Tooling Zeal

9. Yielding Yieldings

10. Producing Procreatively

11. Mongering Fucks

12. Jilting Jiltedness

13. Seeding Breeding

14. Assembling Trembling

15. Originating Organisms Orgasmically

16. Rendering Rearendering

17. Giving Groping

18. Authoring Another

19. Hewing Screwing

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