January 30, 2008

My Concerns about Duran Duran

1. Duran is cool, but Duran is way too self-centered. All he ever talks about is Duran.

2. Duran asked my sister out to prom in eleventh grade, but Duran showed up. When I was downstairs asking Duran what he thought he was doing, Duran came to door. There was a huge fight, and my sister ran to her room and cried for hours. At some point, Duran called the cops, and Duran ended up spending most of the night at the police station.

3. Duran never washes his hands after he uses the bathroom.

4. Duran has much better music tastes than Duran does. For example, Duran loves the dance-pop synthesizers of The The, while Duran prefers the more emotional, adult contemporary light-rock of Mister Mister.

5. Duran tells me how much he hates his girlfriend, and I've even seen him putting moves on Duran's girlfriend when Duran wasn't around.

6. Duran's mom once asked me if I've noticed anything strange about Duran. I thought, "Why is she asking me? I don't even hang out with Duran."

7. Duran is quite nosy. He spends way too much time worrying about Duran and not enough time worrying about Duran.

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