May 29, 2008

Well, Change My Diaper, Knock Me Sideways and Call Yer Momma

I had no idea.

Apparently, this little internetty excursion of mine is one of the better blogs in the Twin Cities, at least according to the editors at The Minneapolis and St. Paul Magazine - or is it just Mpls St Paul Mag?

Anyway, back in January, 2008... (Remember January, 2008? Wasn't that a fun month, kids? Ahhh, yes. It sure was. It was like the start of a new year, a 20008-y sort of year. Remember 2008, kids? Do you?) MplsStPaulMg had this to say:

"A Play a Day & Lysteria: Brendon Etter has one of the liveliest minds in the blogosphere. For a while, the Carleton College employee really did write a very short play every day. Then he started compiling hilarious daily lists—"Indications That You Are Almost Certainly Disliked," "Evidence That My Computer Is Having an Affair" . . . . By the time you read this, he may be on to something else, but it will no doubt be worth reading."

Don't believe me? Then click this link: THIS LINK

I mean, you believe a link, right? Seriously, it's true. Links never lie. They're on the internet.

Their paragraph on me is near the bottom, which I take, not as an insult, but rather as evidence of this blog's foundational ability in supporting all those other pitiful attempts at web-based commentary included in the article.

Wait a second? How did they know I was a Carleton College employee? (squirms in his seat a bit) How powerful are these MSPMers anyway? (squirmsquirm)

Now, if I could only get people to read it. Hello? Anyone?


Unknown said...

Top Reasons the Magazine Knew Bleeet's Personal History:

1. Magazine has enlisted the help of all rodents to be spys.

2. God lives in White Bear and is the copy editor of the magazine. Didn't you know that?

3. Friends wanted to give Bleeet a self-esteem boost so he would leave them alone for a couple of days.

4. Those old credit card vacuum tunnels that run the length of Minnesota had to be put to some use.

5. Bleeet's blog is better than that Diablo Cody's "Juno". Bleeet's blog is more realistic.

Brendon Etter said...

It should be noted that my "write-up" on the site is one line longer than that given Diablo Cody. Take that, Oscar! (laser sound, laser sound, ricochet laser sound, explosion) You ain't so tough, Ms. Devil Stripper.

Do the kids still say "boo-yaa"?

Anonymous said...

Hey Brendon,
This is way cool! And the write up on your blog had one of the biggest word counts of the bunch. You sort of said that already but it's worth mentioning the word count again because word counts are so very important!

Brendon Etter said...

Big ups for the CG! A comment! And it's about word count: the only true measure of quality. Everyone knows the more words you write, the better a writer you is.

Other than word count, only grammar is so nearly very almost important-like.

Use grammar good! Damnitall!

Thanks, Myrna! Read on about all the vaginas in one of my other posts! I love vaginas! And exclamation points! They're like happy penises! Happy penises with only one testicle! But, at least, they're still happy! Little troopers is what they are... li'l troopers!

Word count, word count, word count, word count, word count, word count, word count...