May 22, 2008

Paranormal Male Pregnancy Film Montage Synopsis

What follows is a synopsis of a proposed film montage in which the hero of the story, a man impregnated by a powerful ghost, agonizes about whether or not he's going to have an abortion; with director's notes.*

-start montage-

We see our hero walking the oceanside at sunset, pondering his decision, James Taylor music plays thoughtfully just atop the volume of the waves.

(Note: The waves are real and symbolic. Seagull cries should be there, but subtle.)


He gazes wistfully at a young couple pushing a very happy toddler in a safety swing at a local park, James Taylor still playing.

(Note: The swing is symbolic and safe. Carl says we have a safety swing from that life insurance commercial we shot last year. It's yellow, but can be painted if that doesn't work visually.)


He stands shirtless in front of the mirror, caressing his rapidly swelling abdomen, he wonders if there are any doctors who perform abortions on men, James Taylor continues.

(Note: Mirrors are almost redundantly symbolic, don't be afraid to run with it.)


He is watching a horror movie about a haunted house, coinciding with a jagged turn in the James Taylor song. He's not sure if he would be giving birth to a ghost and haunting his life and his house... forever! His face seems to ask, "Can a ghost fetus even be aborted?"

(Note: Check to see if James Taylor has a song that takes a jagged turn. Carl knows someone who has James Taylor's complete discography, except for that one live album.)


He enters a Free Clinic to set up an appointment for an abortion, gets handed a flavored condom by the goth girl behind the counter, gets creeped out by the atmosphere and leaves hastily.

(Note: Recall of nearly identical scene from hit indie film "Juno" will be culturally reflective, "in the now", and appeal to youth.)


He retreats to a bucolic mountain cabin, living simply that he may simply live. He makes tea on a woodstove, reads Jung, knits a blanket through his tears.

(Note: Temporal juxtaposition of "Juno" and Thoreau references underscores serious cultural themes to which we will allude in the press packet. Look up definition of "bucolic". Is that what we're going for?)


He emerges from the cabin after a few days. James Taylor song ends. He has made up his mind!

(Note: Talk to producers about commissioning a Paranormal Male Pregnancy song from James Taylor with special emphasis on putting a jagged turn about a third of the way into it. Do we have the budget for this? Carl might know.)

-end montage-

*Extra-twinkly thanks to Phil Gonzales for the suggested movie title and, umm, let's just call it, the possible "action sequence" through which the man is made to become great with child.


Jim H. said...

In Hollywoodspeak, is this a treatment or a concept? Either way, I wouldn't bet against it.

This could be the feature in the NAG's 50th anniversary film festival.

Krisspy Boy said...

What the F*@K? I hope he has a Cesarean section, how exactly dose this work if he doesn't?

Brendon Etter said...

Jim H.,

It is a treatment of one scene in the movie, and, of course, I would love to make this film. I mean a paranormal male pregnancy really speaks volumes about the NAG at 50? Right?

Krisspy Boy,

Dear God, I hope it comes out by knife. But, then again, if it's a ghost baby, maybe it'll just be coaxed to pass through his abdominal wall.

By the way, the word is "fuck". It's okay; we're not shy here.

Thanks for your concern for our good, but unfortunate, hero at this troubling time in his life.