December 30, 2006

A Play A Day #261



Setting: Sofa, chair, living room minimal.

(Lights, action in progress)

Adam: I was late.

Mallory: Late?!

A: Yes!

M: How can you day that?!

A: Because I was.

M: Late. Just that. Just late?

A: Yes... okay?

M: No. Not even possibly close to "okay"!

A: Sweetheart. I know. I...

M: If you know, why didn't you know earlier?

A: I was busy.

M: Busy?!

A: Yes. I was busy.

M: What's wrong with you?!

A: I'm sorry. I was late and, I was busy.

M: No one is that late. After a few hours, you're not late anymore.

A: I was extremely late. I know that.

M: You weren't anything. You were nothing.

A: Listen...

M: You're still not anything.

A: I understand why you would say that, but we have to heal this...

M: You have to heal it. You're the sick one. Here comes Mom.

(Ling enters, taking off her winter coat and talking)

Ling: Sweetie, did you ever see if you can go to Point Frederick on Sat... (notices Adam) ur... day. (long pause) You?!

A: Hello, Ling.

L: (stiffly) Adam.

A: Oh... Ling.

M: He was "late", Mom.

A: I got very busy. I...

L: Don't we all?

A: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

L: (long pause) Apology accepted.

M: What?!! Mom!!

L: What's the point in being angry, dear?

M: The point is revenge.

L: He was late. He was busy.

A: All I could think of was you and... and... uh...

M: Mallory!

A: (overlapping) Mallory.

M: I can't believe you, Mom!

L: What will it get us if we get revenge, Mallie?

M: Satisfaction, happiness, a sense of closure, some reduction of pain, wholeness, peace?

L: No. I think we've done alright, even with your father being late.

A: Thank you, Ling. I really do apologize.

L: I know you do. (approaching Adam) Don't apologize again, okay.

A: I... I won't.

M: This is terrible, Mom! You can't do...

L: Mallie. Adam, I accept your apology. Now leave.

A: Ling. I want to get back and make...

L: I accept your apology. I reject you.

A: Now, Ling. I am trying to tell you that...

L: Good-bye, Adam. Never come here again.

A: Ling, please!

M: Leave! Scum!!

L: Mallie, don't.

A: (backing offstage as Ling presses forward) Start over again, and...

L: No.

A: I was busy.

L: Yes.

A: I was late! I know! Ling!!

L: You fix phones.

A: Now I sell them! I own the company! I have a lot of money!

L: Good for you.

A: I want to...

L: You've seen your daughter.

A: She's beautiful!

L: Yes, she looks like me.

A: She does.

L: And you've seen me.

A: You're still gorgeous, sweetheart.

L: Yes.

A: So...

L: Goodbye.

A: But I was late!!

L: Nineteen years.

A: Very late!

L: Too late.

A: I... I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

L: Apology already accepted, Adam.

A: Then, take me back.

L: You were late, you were busy.

A: Yes.

L: Once.

A: Yes.

L: You own a phone company.

A: Yes.

L: You could have called.

A: I...

L: Could. Have. Called.

A: Ling!

(he is offstage, we hear a door close)

M: (as Ling returns) You did it, Mom!

L: Yes. I guess I did.

M: Wow! So that was Dad?

L: No.

M: What?

L: Not your Dad, just your father.

M: Oh.

L: There's a big difference.

M: Yeah... yeah... I get it. (hugging Ling) Thanks, Mom.

(lights fading)

L: You're welcome, Mallie. So, Point Frederick?

M: Yes, Saturday. Barry's diving.

L: Barry. Again with Barry?

M: Mom, he's like magic.

L: He's very handsome.

M: Polite.

L: Funny.

M: And... always five minutes early.

L: (starts crying) Perfect.

(lights out)


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