December 11, 2006

A Play A Day #242



Setting: Sofa, they sit on opposite sides. Rapid-fire and laughing at their ideas.

Raza: A doubt?

Lad: Good, or... or... an inferiority?

R: An awkwardness?

L: Ahh, got it! A gawkiness!

R: A crush?

L: Infatuation's better, maybe?

R: True, how about a... pimple?

L: Yeah... nice, simple, could pop at any moment. Okay, okay, my turn. Ummm... crap, I didn't think of pimple, that was good... let's see... uh... an embarassment?

R: Nice! Or... a premature ejaculation?

L: Bit wordy, but not bad. Hey! An irresponsibility!

R: Like it, I like it. Ummm... let's try... an insecurity.

L: Or maybe... a laziness?

R: A probation?

L: A fuck off?

R: No! I've got it! ........ Ready? .... You sure? Okay. A Secretion.

L: Beautiful! That's perfect! Okay, you win that round... now, moving up, how about a name for a group of twenty-somethings?

(lights start fading)

R: A pretention?

L: Yeah. Good. How about a basement apartment?

R: Now you're being wordy. Ummm... a waitstaff?

L: A grad school?

R: An idealism?

L: A compromise?

(lights are out)

R: A drunkeness?

L: An underemployment?


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