December 25, 2006

A Play A Day #256

Genius Out

of thousands

Setting: Busy big city crosswalk.

(Urban downtown traffic sounds, a ding, many, many people cross stage from left to right, many others cross right to left. They are all dressed in only bright white. All of them stare at the ground the entire time. Traffic sounds for a while, the same ding sound, people crossing both directions, into the mix, comes A, dressed in off-white, looking up. A bumps into many, many people, each adlibbing their displeasure at being bumped. A never stops looking up. Eventually, A stops in the middle of the stage. Lights narrow, until A is backlit by one beam getting more and more intense, traffic sounds up, lights out.

Lights up, A lies in the middle of the street, ding, people cross, stepping over and around A's body. Adlibs of displeasure again at having to do so. Eventually, someone says, above the general noise - change gender depending on your selection for A -

"Saw the whole thing, idiot wasn't watching where he was going." Someone responds, "Now, he's everyone's problem." Someone else: "So selfish."

Traffic sounds continue, lights fade out very slowly.)


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