December 10, 2006

A Play A Day #241

Good Game


Setting: In front of a home computer, two chairs, desk and assorted teenage boy detrius.

Mitch: Ahhh! Get out of there! Crap!

Ralph: (rising) Nice move, shithead. My turn.

M: (swapping seats with Ralph) Like you'd fucking get close to that score.

R: Blow it outta the fucking clear blue water, bitch.

M: Let's see it, dickhead.

(long pause, there are flashing colors from the monitor on the boys' faces, they are moving to the action in the video game, slowly the lights fade, transition time, video game sounds are pumped in, lights back up quickly. Same scene except Mitch and Ralph now sport gray hair and very long beards. Video game sounds continue.)

R: (senior citizen voice) Get outta there! Crap!

M: Okay... I was wrong. I'm pretty sure you beat my high score.

R: Man. Are my fingers ever fucking sore!

M: Good game, man.

R: You hungry?

M: Yeah.

R: I gotta take a piss.

M: I think there's some Doritos left in that bag under the bed.

R: Cool. (starts to leave the stage to use the bathroom)

M: Good thing there's no school tomorrow.

R: Yeah.

M: Should give me enough time to beat your score.

(grabs Doritos, starts playing, lights out, video game sounds, lights up, same as before, except two skeletons now sit there playing the game, same clothing)

R: You know; I don't feel so good.

M: Yeah, start whining just when I pass you. Typical.

(lights out)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They'll never beat my high score at Centipede. Beeeyotch!!!