December 29, 2006

A Play A Day #260

Unchained Malady
We're All For Getting The Forgetting You're Forgetting To Forget You've Forgotten For


Setting: Jo's kitchen.

(Beez enters)

Beez: Hey, Jo, where we going?

Jo: Nowhere.

B: But you told me to get over here, you had to take me somewhere.

J: Did I?

B: Yeah, you did.

J: Hmmm.

B: So...

J: Must've lied.

B: I'm not lying; you said that we...

J: I must've lied.

B: So where we going?

J: I just told you. Nowhere.

B: Oh. So you were telling the truth.

J: When?

B: The second time.

J: Yeah... I guess.

B: First you lied, then you told the truth.

J: Okay.

B: So...

J: Yeah.

B: Then...

J: Nothing.

B: Not going anywhere?

J: No.

B: Then why did you tell me that you had somewhere to take me.

J: Oh... yeah...

B: And...?

J: Now that I think about it...

B: Now that you think about it what?

J: Wasn't a lie... the first thing.

B: Okay...

J: The first thing was true.

B: You are going to take me somewhere?

J: Yes. I am.

B: And...?

J: Somewhere.

B: Right, where though?

J: Can't remember.

B: You can't remember where you were going to take me?

J: No... I guess I can't.

B: So, you were lying then.

J: No, no. Forgetting isn't lying.

B: Well...

J: And lying isn't forgetting.

B: But you called me to tell me to come over... that you were going to take me somewhere.

J: And now I don't remember.

B: And now you don't remember.

J: I don't remember where I was going to take you.

B: Great.

J: At first, I just didn't remember that I was taking you anywhere.

B: Yeah, alright... listen...

J: Actually, before that, and I didn't tell you, but, before that, I didn't even remember telling you to come over.

B: Okay, Jo, well...

J: And before that, before that, I think... before that, I didn't even remember calling you.

B: Yeah, is there any chance...

J: And before that, I didn't even remember your phone number.

B: It's on your speed dial.

J: Exactly, because before that, I didn't even remember that I had speed dial.

B: Okay, can you stop this, because I don't...

J: And even weirder still, before I didn't remember that I had speed dial, I forgot I had a phone.

B: (dry) It's a miracle you managed to call me.

J: No kidding! Because, get this, before I forgot that, I forgot you existed.

B: Jo... let's stop, okay? We aren't going anywhere...

J: Before that I recall forgetting that I existed!

B: We're not going anywhere, not physically anyway and...

J: That was preceded by a forgetting that anything existed!

B: ...and not in your recollection of forgettings past.

J: What's perhaps most remarkable...

B: Jo, don't...

J: I know before I forgot anything existed, I forgot everything existed!

B: No! Don't do this! Universal logic is tearing all around us!

J: And...

B: Stop! Stop! You don't understand what...

J: ...before that...

B: No! Jo!! STOP!!!!

J: I forgot about...

B: NO!!!!

J: ... forgetting.

(lights out immediately)

J: (pause) But, then... (lights on) I remembered.

B: (gasping for breath) Don't do that!!

J: I remembered everything.

B: (still gasping) You nearly thought us out of possibility.

J: Mainly, I remembered that I was forgetting.

B: How do you do that? Everytime I come over, it's something beyond bizarre!

J: And I remembered that I was going to take you somewhere.

B: You said you forgot where though.

J: Nope.

B: Nope... what?

J: I remembered.

B: Where you're going to take me?

J: No, I remember where I took you.

B: Right, but, where are we going this time?

J: We just went there.

B: Oh. Yeah.

J: Did you like it?

B: No, Jo... I didn't... I nearly became nothing.

J: Yes. But now, you're something else entirely.

B: Ha. Ha.

J: I like that joke.

B: Listen, Jo. I was waiting for a phone call, when you called.

J: Ironic.

B: I'm going home.

J: Alright.

B: Get that call. (starts leaving)

J: See you around.

B: (turns) Right, next Saturday.

J: Saturday?

B: The lake.

J: Lake?

B: Becky's cabin.

J: Becky?

B: Her cabin?

J: Becky's cabin?

B: You're my ride.

J: Ride?

B: Yes.

J: Oh.

B: Yes!

J: Okay.

B: Okay?

J: Okay!

B: Please, Jo.

J: Hey, alright.

B: Alright.

J: Just don't...

B: Don't what?

J: ... let me forget.

(Beez shivers, turns and walks off as the light fade)


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