December 22, 2006

A Play A Day #253

The Gift That Keeps On Being


Setting: Small apartment, Christmas tree, no presents except the one in Anson's hands.

A: (unwrapping present) Wow... it's... it's.... empty.

B: No. It's full of nothing!

A: That's something.

B: Yes, and it never runs out.

A: It's exactly what I needed.

B: It's like nothing you've had before.

A: It's something else.

B: Merry Christmas, Dear.

A: Thank you, Sweetie. This is kind of embarrassing though.

B: What?

A: It's just... I didn't get you anything.

B: You didn't?

A: Yeah, I didn't. Here it is.

B: Where?

A: You're holding it.

B: Oh. I am?

A: Yes, I didn't wrap it.

B: Oh, Honey! It's perfect! Where did you find it?

A: Well, I looked everywhere, and it wasn't there. Then I looked somewhere else, and it wasn't there. Then I looked in a place that was nowhere else, and there it was!

B: That's so weird, because that's the same place I found yours!

A: I hope you're not too disappointed though.

B: Don't be silly, why would I be disappointed?

A: Well, I had to give up my obsession with products to find your gift.

B: But that's perfect! I had to give up defining myself through materialism to find yours! See?

A: (beat) Oh! Hey! Yeah, you're right! That is perfect!

B: Yes, instead of O'Henry, we had Henry'O.

A: Not Gift of the Magi, but Magic of the Gift.

(pause, looking at their gifts)

A: It's unlike anything else.

B: Now, I think I actually have everything.

A: I guess we both really have something, don't we?

B: Yes, and now, nothing can come between us.


(lights fade out)


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