December 14, 2006

A Play A Day #245

Hold This

Many, many people, represented only by the numbers 1-59

Setting: A city sidewalk.

(lights up, 1 is holding a metal object of some kind, inspecting it, hands it to someone walking by)

1: Here. Hold this.

2: (stops, inspects, does same as 1 did, from here on find a rhythm and let the object move to many different types of people moving in different directions at different speeds, hand it off fast or slow) Here. Hold this.

3: Hold this.

4: Hold this.

5: Hold this.

6: Hold this.

7: Hey. Hold this.

8: Hold this thing.

9: Hold this.

10: You hold this?

11: Hold this.

12: Hold this.

13: Be a dearie and hold this for me, would you?

14: Please hold this.

15: Hold this.

16: Hold this.

17: Hold this! Damnit!

18: You hold this.

19: Just hold this.

20: Hold this, okay?

21: Hold this.

22: Hold this.

23: Hold this, please.

24: Here, hold this here.

25: Hold this.

26: Hold this.

27: Yo! Hold this.

28: Hold this, eh?

29: Hold this.

30: Hold this.

31: Hold this.

32: Would you hold this.

33: Ummm.... hold... this?

34: Hold this!

35: Hold this.

36: No, you'll hold this.

37: Hold this.

38: Hold this.

39: Hey, hold this!

40: Okay, you're gonna hold this, see.

41: Uhhhh... hold this, man.

42: Hold this.

43: Dude, totally hold this... thingy?

44: Yeah... hold this.

45: Hold this.

46: Hold this.

47: Alright... alright... alright... here's the deal! You hold this!

48: Ummm... hold this.

49: Would you hold this for me, please.

50: Hold this.

51: Whoa! Hold this.

52: Hold this?

53: Hold this.

54: Hey, hold this over here.

55: Hold this.

56: Hold this, 'kay?

57: Hold this. Great.

58: Hold this.

59: (looks at it) What the... (tosses it in large trash can)

(stage clears, lights fade to night, street is desserted, Gary and Zim enter, they are in full-body nuclear protection suits, carrying Geiger counter, which leads them with its volume and frequency to the trash can. They remove the lid and pull out some garbage, then the objct, which they quickly put in a fancy containment box that Zim holds)

Gary: Well, at least we can be pretty sure not many people got close to it.

Zim: Good thing, this little bugger will kill you in a couple hours.

Gary: Let's get it back to the lab, before we arouse too much suspicion out here.

Zim: I'll put this trash back. Here, hold this. (hands Gary the box)

(lights out)


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