December 2, 2006

A Play A Day #233



Setting: Bus stop bench.

(lights up, Jeff is sitting on the bench, doing nothing, enter Doug)

Doug: (sits down on opposite side of the bench, looks around for a long time) Hey.

Jeff: Hey.

Doug: (very long pause) What aree you doing?

Jeff: Waiting for the bus.

Doug: Cool.

((Sequence: Bus pulls up, Jeff enters the bus by walking offstage, long pause, after much visible thought, Doug moves to Jeff's spot on the bench.) Enter Lydia)

Lydia: (looks around for quite a while) Hello.

Doug: Hi.

Lydia: (very long pause) What are you doing?

Doug: Uhh... I'm waiting for the bus.

Lydia: Neat.

(Sequence, enter Steph)

Steph: (after much looking around) Hi.

Lydia: Oh, hello.

Steph: (vlp) So, what are you doing here, on this bench?

Lydia: I'm... uhh... I'm waiting for a bus.

Steph: Hmm. Great.

(Sequence, enter Lottie)

Lottie: (lots of looking around again) Howdy.

Steph: Hey there.

Lottie: (vlp) Mind if I ask what you're doing here?

Steph: Well... I... I think I'm waiting for a bus.

Lottie: Oh. Yeah.

(Sequence, enter Merle)

Merle: (the long period of looking around ensues) Hey!

Lottie: Howdy.

Merle: (vlp) What are you up to?

Lottie: I'm... probably, like, waiting for a bus, I guess.

Merle: Nice.

(Sequence, enter Yala)

Yala: (requisite looking-around time) Hi, hi.

Merle: Sure.

Yala: (vlp) Why are you sitting here?

Merle: I'm not sure... maybe, I'm waiting... for a bus... or something?

Yala: A bus?

(Merle gives an unsure shrug. Sequence. Death enters, in full death gear.)

Death: (A very long period of Death looking around, trying to find ways to lean his scythe against the bench and other business, a few awkward glances between Death and Yala, eventually) Hey.

Yala: Hey.

Death: (v,vlp) Soooo... what are you doing out on a hot day like this?

Yala: I... ummm... I...(revelation) I don't know.

Death: Great. (standing, grabbing scythe, walking behind Yala, hauling back) Just perfect. (As soon as he starts to swing the scythe toward Yala's neck, the lights go out)

(lights up, Death is sitting in Yala's place on the bench, leaning on his hands, and sighing impatiently for a few moments)

Death: (muttering) Stupid bus is always late.

(lights out)


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I have a lot of days like this.