November 28, 2006

A Play A Day #229

Missed A Day


Setting: A sofa.

(lights up on Bug, sitting on his sofa, obvious horror on his face, enter Tina, dressed to go outside)

Tina: Hey, Bug! Let's go.

Bug: (looks at her forlornly, with great despair) I missed a day.

Tina: Great, I was outside, pounding on the door for about ten minutes...

Bug: But, I missed...

Tina: You're missing more, moping here. C'mon! Let's go!

Bug: I never miss a day.

Tina: Bug, it's time to go... we shoulda picked up Janice about a half hour ago.

Bug: Four years...

Tina: What are you talking about!?

Bug: Four years.... three months...

Tina: We need to get going, Bug. Now.

Bug: Four years... three months... and seventeen days...

Tina: Okay, and you missed... let's go.

Bug: Tina, are you, maybe, from the future?

Tina: What?!

Bug: Like just one day into the future?

Tina: No, we're actually in the past, as in past time when we should've left.

Bug: 'Cause if I skipped the day because I fell into a wormhole or something, then that wouldn't really count.

Tina: It's today, yesterday was yesterday, it's time, c'mon!

Bug: Yesterday wasn't two days ago?

Tina: No, damnit!

Bug: It won't matter...

Tina: Bug. Listen...

Bug: It won't matter, Tina.

Tina: It's gonna matter to Janice, and Tim, and Kayt, and...

Bug: Nothing matters anymore.

Tina: Shut up, Bug; get your stuff on.

Bug: The world will end very soon.

Tina: Stop it! It's time to go!

Bug: You don't understand what I'm saying do you, Tina?

Tina: No, and I don't care. The snow is fresh; we gotta hit the slopes.

Bug: Because I failed to count all the light bulbs in my house yesterday, it will lead to a series of events that will end my life and the lives of... others.

Tina: Bug, you are obsessive-compulsive; you know that. Your fears are irrational. Even you say so.

Bug: But, I saw it, in my head... I saw what happens if I miss a day.

Tina: You are hopping in your van and driving us to the mountain; that's what's gonna happen. I mean you don't even know if you really missed a day.

Bug: I know, Tina. I was counting them this morning, and I realized that I didn't yesterday.

Tina: Okay, Bug, nothing's going to happen. Let's go, and we'll prove it to you. C'mon.

Bug: No... I...

Tina: Janice told me her friend from Decklin is gonna be there today...

Bug: Cynthia?

Tina: Yep... that's the one.

Bug: Cynthia's gonna be there?

Tina: That's what Janice says.

Bug: Okay... but I'm not going to be able to relax until I'm safe back here.

Tina: Maybe with Cynthia?

Bug: Yeah... that would be great.

Tina: Then let's go!

(Bug gets up, Tina grabs him by the arm and leads him hurriedly from the stage, lights start fading)

Bug: (complaining about her pulling on him) Okay, okay...

Tina: Well, we've wasted enough time here; we gotta hurry, Bug! Everyone else is gonna be pissed we're late. Get dressed, toss your skis in the van, and we'll floor it. For Cynthia, Bug... for Cynthia.

(lights out)


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