November 11, 2006

A Play A Day #212

Thump Thump Went The Heart Of My Love So True


Setting: A very blank stage.

(lights up, Elaine and Connie stand with pretention, a soft heartbeat sound runs under the play)

Elaine: Thump thump

Connie: Went the heart

E: Of my love

C: So true

E: Bump bump

C: Went the part

E: Of the love

C: I knew

E: Wump wump

C: From the start

E: Of his love

C: We'd screw

E: Jump jump

C: Toward a tart

E: All his love

C: He withdrew

E: Dump dump

C: This new heart

E: And his love

C: Renewed

E: Lump lump

C: Off the cart

E: Renewed love

C: Was through

E: Whump Whump

C: Like a dart

E: Toward his love

C: We flew

E: Flump Flump

C: Swift and smart

E: His false love

C: We removed

E: Thump thump

C: Goes the heart

E: Of my dead love

C: And my dead love

E: In this bag

C: So blue.

(They each hold aloft a nice blue handbag, and extract half a human heart each)

(lights start fading)

E: Oh, Connie, I love the purse.

C: Thanks! I wouldn't have bought it, but the price was cut in half.

E: How could you resist?

C: Exactly.

(lights out)


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