November 24, 2006

A Play A Day #225



Setting: A restaurant table.

(Lights up. Binky is leaning far forward, whispering to Yvonne, who is leaning far forward to hear)

Yvonne: (pulling back in shock) What?! (she slaps Binky hard)

Binky: Oww! Damnit! (he slaps Yvonne)

Y: (holding her cheek) Why! Of all the unmitigated gall!

B: Of all... hey, wait, that's exactly what I was going to say... unmitigated gall.

Y: Really?

B: Yeah, totally the same thing!

Y: Oh, that's so sweet!

B: We have so much in common, Yvonne.

Y: I know. I love you, Binky.

B: I love you too, sweetie.

Y: Unmitigated gall.

B: What a great phrase.

Y: Yeah.

B: What's it mean?

Y: Something about gall.

B: Yeah... yeah... I think you're right.

Y: Apparently, it has nothing to do with France.

B: No, they're are a lot of other things that are unmitigated too.

Y: Sure... (pause)

B: Like... (pause)

Y: Ummm... (pause)

B: Spain?

Y: Right! Spain!

B: Totally unmitigated.

Y: Yeah, full of unmitigation.

B: Or unmitigato, as the Spanish say.

Y: Yes, yes, I bet they do.

B: Unmitigati, in the Italian.

Y: Yes, speaking of Italians, didn't Moses free the Unmitigites?

B: I believe he did; yes.

Y: They wandered the shopping district for forty hours... something like that.

B: He parted the Debt Sea.

Y: Yes... the Debt Sea.

B: Speaking of parting things... (leaning forward, crooking his finger, Yvonne leans to him, he whispers into her ear)

Y: (pulling back in shock) What?! (she slaps Binky hard)

(Binky slaps her back, slight pause, they each put their hand to their face, a small laugh from each)

B: Unmitigated?

Y: (nodding) Gall? (Binky nods too)

(they give love-filled sighs and stare into each other's eyes deeply)

(lights fade out)


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ShOI said...

Domo unmitigato, Mr. Roboto.