November 7, 2006

A Play A Day #208



Setting: Figurative

A: How's it going, An?

An: Oh, hi there, A.

A: You're looking down.

An: Yeah, I guess.

A: What's wrong?

An: Stuff.

A: Like what stuff?

An: Well, I'm not sure I can describe it exactly.

A: That's okay; it's often hard to describe exact feelings.

An: I'll say.

A: But, sometimes just talking about general feelings can help narrow down what's bugging you.

An: Yeah, they have a whole industry devoted to that, don't they?

A: Yep. Counseling works, my friend... good ol' talk therapy.

An: I know that... it's just...

A: What?

An: That's all I ever get.

A: Not following you.

An: I mean. I get down, but I don't know why.

A: Right, most people never know what's bothering them.

An: But we're articles right?

A: Yeah.

An: You're A article, and I'm An article.

A: Obviously.

An: We spend our lives defining things, but I can't figure out why I feel so crappy.

A: That's a good point.

An: See, that's what I'm getting at.

A: Hmmm?

An: You said "That's a good point."

A: Yes, I did.

An: But it's not The good point, is it?

A: Well, I suppose it could be.

An: But it's not, and that's the point.

A: There, now it's the point?

An: Wait...

A: See, it was just a good point, now it's the point.

An: I think we were referring to different things though.

A: No. Same point.

An: No, no, no, no... Here, let me explain: (quickly) you were responding to my comment about not being able to define what's wrong with me, you said it was "a good point". I then pointed out that the point was that a point had been made but not the point, and the point about which I was speaking was a point that a point was, indeed, not the point that we needed which would help me define my point about not knowing what was bothering me so much more clearly.

A: Ohhhhh! That point!

An: Yes!

A: Your point.

An: Right.

A: Okay.

An: Okay.

A: (pause) You know... you could change your view on things a little.

An: Yeah?

A: Add a little definition to your unspecificality.

An: How so?

A: You could start referring to yourself as the article An.

An: (light bulb goes on) Oh!

A: Yeah, and I could be the article A.

An: Yeah! You're right! Fuckin' A, A! (high five)

A: Yeah, just add a little definitiveness to your indefinitivity.

An: Hey! That's great!

A: Glad you like it.

An: I love it! I'm going to start now. I feel better already! Thanks so much; I mean it!

A: No problem.

(An starts leaving, he turns around)

An: A?

A: Yeah, An?

An: You're a great friend, you know that?

A: I like to think of myself as the great friend A.

(lights start fading)

An: That's a...

A: Great point?

An: (overlapping) great point.... yeah...

A: Definitely one of the best, man. Definitely.

An: Yeah... definitely.

(An exits, lights out)


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