November 16, 2006

A Play A Day #217



Setting: A pool hall. Merton and Sasha are walking around it. Taking turns.

Merton: I knew you'd get me. I never should have bet you.

Sasha: Hey, you're pretty good, and it was only ten bucks. Besides, I haven't won yet.

M: It's always you pretty women who get me. I think I can beat you because you're "just a girl", and I get my butt kicked all over the green.

S: Thanks for the compliment. Ahh... there we go. Ten bucks, please.

M: Alright, alright... (hands her ten bucks)

S: Thanks, nice playing with you... Merton? Was it?

M: Yes, Merton... don't laugh... it's a family name.

S: I like it; my name's Sasha. (They shake hands) Well, thanks for the game, I should get going now. Quit while I'm ahead.

M: Hey now, c'mon let's rack'em up again. Twenty bucks?

S: Oh, no...

M: (already racking up the balls) You'll probably slay me again... c'mon, it wasn't even close last time.

S: Uhhh... okay... one more.

(game is played, they move quickly, lines go in wherever fits for you)

M: Crap...

S: Tough shot... I would have went for the five... curl back to seven...

M: Man, you are unstoppable.

S: I play a bit.

M: Geez! How did you make that?

S: Luck.

M: Only the pros get that lucky.

S: One more. I'm not even close to a pro.

M: Finally, I get a turn.

S: Nice shot.

M: Thanks.... damnit.

S: Alright... alright.... corner pocket... that's game.

M: What was I thinking? (pulling out cash) Here.

S: Thanks. Well, it's been a blast, Merton...

M: No, you can't go... another game.

S: No, no... I really can't.

M: Listen, I'll buy your drinks for the evening...

S: Getting me drunk, that'd be smart of you.

M: No, what you already had.

S: Only had two drinks, and I've got enough of your money now...

M: Okay, your drinks, plus one hundred bucks.

S: No, Merton. Thanks for the offer.

M: Two hundred.

S: No, I...

M: ...and fifty dollars.

S: Two-fifty, plus my drinks?

M: Your drinks, yes, plus two-fifty.

S: Can I order another drink if I want?

M: No problem.

S: (pause) Okay.

(balls racked up, game is played over the following lines, make shots and pauses that fit)

S: You break.

M: Thanks... ohhh... two stripes...

S: Nice.

M: One more... (groan)

S: My turn...

M: Jeez... here you go... arrgghhh... do you ever miss... yes, you do... so do I, crap!

S: Just sneak that by.... yes... okay, little spin...

M: Damnit!

S: Corner pocket... done.

M: (already pulling wad of cash from his pocket) One hundred... two... twenty, forty, fifty...

S: You carry around a lot of cash for someone who frankly isn't ... well...

M: Thanks... how kind of you...

S: Sorry, but it... well... I'm sorry, you're right. That was rude of me; just because I'm a better pool player...

M: You're not, and now, you owe me.

S: What?

M: For insulting me.

S: Oh, I'm sorry, okay... I apologize...

M: Not good enough.

S: C'mon...

M: One more game... for the whole roll... (takes large bundle out of his pocket, slapps it on the rail of the pool table, he stares at S, she stares at the cash.)

S: (pause) How.. how much...

M: Well, minus the two-fifty I just peeled off, should be around ninety-seven hundred.

S: Jesus... I don't know... I really shouldn't be doing this...

M: I'm feeling lucky. You lose and you only have to pay out... uhhh... five thousand.

S: Ummm...

M: My ten to your five... great deal for you.

S: I don't...

M: Too dangerous for a girl?

S: (pause) No.

M: You get to break. (he starts racking them up)

S: I'm used to danger though...

M: Oh yeah, how so?

S: I'm a marine biologist.

M: Yeah?

S: Yes, I deal with dangerous fish all the time... scuba dive and capture... barracuda, rays, marlins, swordfish... we catch them so we can track their whereabouts, learn how they migrate, what currents they follow, where they reproduce, and where they hunt...

M: Sounds interesting.

S: Oh, it is... (she breaks)

M: (steps back, shaking his head) Wha... how... that's not... you sunk all the solids... that's not even possible! Who are you?

S: Corner pocket... (sinks it, a little celebratory dance as she grabs the roll of cash) I already told you, I'm a marine biologist... (pushes a button on her watch) My favorite species to track and catch are definitely sharks... (two cops enter quickly from each side of the stage, two more cops enter from upstage with their guns drawn, pointing at Merton)

M: You can't be serious... just a friendly game, boys! She trapped me! She trapped me!

S: Video tape is above the vodka bottles behind the bar, I trust the reception was good in the van. (one officer nods, she removes all the cash, puts it on the table) Should be about ten thousand bucks there guys. Count it up... put it in the scholarship fund. Better get going, gotta work on my game. (she leaves)

(lights start fading as officer go about business of arresting Merton and collecting the tape and cash in evidence bags.)



Brendon Etter said...

Dear All,

A word: blaaahhh....

That word says so much. As of today, I've written 217 of these plays, plus some other off-line works. Every day. It's tiring. I know these plays are "short", and some of them I knock off in a few minutes. But that is rare.

So, blaaaahhh... as in "This is really fucking tiring." It often takes me two to four hours to get a play done.

I love that people read the plays. It is not something anyone needs to do, and I know that. But I have a real difficulty with people rarely leaving comments.

A writer writes for an audience. If you don't hear anything about your writing, it can be very disspiriting.

For everyone who has left comments, and you know who you are, I thank you. Truly.

One more thing, as a friend, as a writer, as a very tired man, I ask you to please forward these plays, or better yet, my URL, to anyone you know. I'm trying very hard... very, very hard... to create something here, and I would love your help.

Thanks for listening,


ShOI said...

I usually read your plays, though I rarely leave comments and our browser blocks hit counters, so you have no idea how often we read your work. I'd definitely call myself a fan. I know one friend in particular who would also be interested. I can't believe I haven't sent him your URL yet; I will soon, and you'll get to meet him at New Year's. He's a playwright himself, so you two will have a lot to talk about. Anyway, keep up the good work - and it is very good work.