November 2, 2006

A Play A Day #203

Coaches Meeting Following The First International Extremely-Extreme X-Treem Dodgeball Tournament

Coach 1
Many Other Coaches (non-speaking)

Setting: A large table in a meeting room, a large group of coaches sit around the table, for some reason there are several buxom young women in tiny bikinis posing on the side, the table has hundreds of bottles of Mountain Dew on it.

(Lights up, the faces are downcast, long pause, they all look at each other and also try to avoid looking at each other, many long swigs of Mountain Dew are taken, pause continues, people almost start to speak, then retract, more Mountain Dew is drunk, pause continues.)

Coach 1: I... well... I guess I'll say what everyone is probably thinking, and I never... believe me, I never ever thought I'd say this... but we might have crossed some sort of line. I'm not gonna lie to you; I believe using billiard balls may have been too extremely extreme even for X-Treem Dodgeball.

(nods of agreement, adlibs, murmurs of assent, Mountain Dew slamming as the lights fade)


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