November 23, 2006

A Play A Day #224



Setting: Internal

(lights up)

No One: There's a part killed in childhood.

Strangled, devoured, crushed.

Without it, you never grow.

You have moments.

People tell you nice things.

People tell you they love you.

You can't love them back.

Not because you don't.

Because you can't.

It's broken. It's dead.

You can't believe anything.

Everything is an enemy.

Everything is absolute.

You look for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Except there isn't a tunnel.

It's dark.

You can only see darkness.

Everyone is behind the darkness.

You can't grab on to anyone or anything.

You can't let go.

Nothing matters in the slightest.

Everything makes you mad.

You swallowed the pills.


You talked.

For years and years.

Nothing works.

The only thing you ever truly feel is useless.


All day, everyday.

When you feel useless, you become useless.

You hurt everyone.

You hide it from everyone.

You pretend you have a purpose.

You pretend you are important.

You hide it from yourself.

You are your own poison.

You against yourself.

Neither can win.

Neither should.

Somehow, though, funny balloons make it all better.

(lights out)


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