February 15, 2007

A Play A Day #308

Hole In Two


Setting: The first green on the course.

(Lights up, Blake is putting, Breck watches, Blakes mimes the putt, puts some body english into it, small celebration as it drops.)

Blake: Yes!

Breck: Nice, nice. Long green on that one, Blake.

Blake: The read felt right.

Breck: It was.

Blake: Yours.

(Breck steps to his "ball", putts, it misses)

Breck: Man!

Blake: Ahh, Breck, that was only like four feet.

Breck: Yeah...

Blake: A gimme.

Breck: I know, I know.

Blake: How'd you miss that?

Breck: (knocking in the ball now) I don't know... just missed it... it happens.

Blake: Maybe.

Breck: Ahh, don't start this, we've got seventeen holes left.

Blake: Or we can just call it a day now, I mean maybe you shouldn't be out today.

Breck: Enough, man.

Blake: Oh, you are conceding the round already?

Breck: No!

Blake: I mean, 'cuz after that putt....

Breck: Listen... let's play... just a simple mistake.

Blake: Sure... sure...

(Breck stops, looks down, pause, looks up)

Breck: Say, Blake, heard a great joke the other day.

Blake: Changing the subject?

Breck: Great joke... very, very funny.

Blake: I'd try changing the subject too after putting like that.

Breck: Do you want to hear it?

Blake: (backing off) Alright, alright... what's the joke?

Breck: Okay... stop me if you've heard this one before.

Blake: Yeah.

Breck: Two good friends are out golfing one day. One of them is really tense, and it shows on the course right away - he misses a gimme putt on the first hole. Reason he's so tense is because he's sleeping with his friend's wife. He decides he's going to lighten the tension by cracking a joke. So he says to his friend, "Stop me if you've heard this one before."

Blake: (beat) Stop.

Breck: You sure?

Blake: Yeah, I've heard it before.

Breck: Really?

Blake: Yeah, don't you remember? I told you that joke right here last month.

(Breck recoils in shame)

(lights out quickly)


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