February 4, 2007

A Play A Day #297

Go Deep Indie


Setting: Table in a bar.

Dominic: It's just amazing stuff, I can't believe you guys have never heard of them.

Franz: The Fuzz Ball?

Cade: Ohhh...The Fuzz Ball?

D: They are tearing it up in the Biloxi scene.

F: Ohh, yeah, Biloxi's hot right now.

C: I didn't know you were talking the Biloxi Fuzz Balls. Yeah, I've heard of them.

F: Right, right, me too.

C: I remember them when they were touring with The Yams.

D: Good show.

F: Yeah... hard to beat The Yams for that neo-psychedelic folk techno revival sound.

C: Yeah, their first two albums were good.

F: First two, what about that tape they recorded in the bathroom.

D: That only sold eleven copies.

F: Yeah, but it was an album, so really their first three albums were good.

C: Of course, that's what I meant.

F: They say all eleven people who bought that tape went on to form neo-psych folk techno revival bands of their own.

D: Yeah, that was a wave that played itself out though.

C: Lasted almost two weeks.. but the southeastern West Virgina music scene was really changed by its influence.

F: I've moved on from there... just got so sick of the over-commercialization of it all.

D: No kidding, I mean, I heard one of the lead singers dated Winona Ryder.

F: Yep, beginning of the end for me.

C: Well, and really, that was like March.

D: Six weeks have passed, too much other good music out there.

F: True, true.

C: It's hard to keep up.

D: I don't even bother.

F: Me either.

C: Right, right, of course, that's what I mean... why bother?

F: Find a couple good bands and support them.

D: That's it.

C: Too many people trying to be too cool, claiming that they knew all these bands before anyone else.

F: Yeah, poseurs...

D: So lame. Defining themselves by the obscurity of the music they like.

(Noah starts chuckling to himself.)

D: What? Noah?

Noah: I was just thinking about how shallow those people are.

C: Yeah.

N: Pretending to not care about how much they care about things no one else cares about. Cutting out their niche among peers by pretending not to care that they care about cutting out their niche among peers.

D: Right. Lame.

N: Yeah, reminds me of that song by Trekathonic.

C: Ohh... Trekathonic is so good.

D: I loved their demo releases.

F: Oh yeah... "Dump Fun" was such an amazing song.

C: My cousin went to school with their main DJ.

D: I have a signed set list.

N: Yeah... awesome.

F: I saw them last year at Pal Pals.

C: Good show.

D: That's where I got the set list.

N: Guys. (pause) I just made them up.

(long pause)

N: Trekathonic doesn't exist.

F: Ohh, I thought you said.... Tech... Bionic...

C: Yeah... me too...

N: Sure. (getting up) I've got to go care about not caring somewhere else.

(Noah leaves, long pause)

D: Techbionic just went into the studio again.

F: Dinta Booth at the controls, right?

C: Should be good stuff, but it's their second album. I'm worried about them selling out.

D: No kidding.

F: Who isn't?

(lights out)


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