June 5, 2008

Here Are Some Things I Hope Are Never Removed From My Butt.

1. A woodchuck.

2. Dreams.

3. My car keys.

4. My brain.

5. Half a woodchuck.

6. Bubbles.

7. Scalding hot gazpacho. (It's supposed to be served cold.)

8. Someone else's car keys.

9. Sweet nothings.

10. Someone else's dreams.

11. A sense of place.

12. Assassinations.

13. The other half of the woodchuck.

14. Viable business plans.

15. The bridge to the future.

16. Molybdenum.

17. Unendurable fear and/or love.

18. A metabutt.

19. The tollbooth to tomorrow.

20. A woodchuck smoothie.

21. More than one cactus.


Unknown said...

22. Someone else's feces
23. A woodchuck that could chuck intestines
24. Paris Hilton's reputation

ShOI said...

So... you want to keep all that stuff inside your butt? Suit yourself.

Brendon Etter said...

I am anal retentive, by nature. Anal expulsive, by surgery.

It's a Zen thing... are they in my butt / are they not / do I want them removed / can they be removed...

So many possibilities... all in my butt!

Circe said...

25. Your mom.