October 18, 2006

A Play A Day #188


Homeless Person (HP)
Business People (BP)

Setting: Elevator, downbound. All is mimed.

(Lights up on Homeless Person, pushes a button, elevator goes down.

After a few seconds a few business people step in front of the elevator, one pushes the down arrow, doors open, HP moves to the back corner, business people awkwardly board elevator, button pushed, doors close.

BP start acting out a fair level of disgust, catching each other's eyes and bunching closer, away from HP, they are making faces, one tries holding his breath, others breathe through pursed lips.

Several seconds, more BP gather in front of elevator, down arrow pushed, doors open, more of the same, enter, disgust, hands waving in front of faces, woman hold handkerchief to her mouth and nose.

Several seconds, repeat the procedure, adding any more mimed adlibs the new BP can think of.

Several seconds, repeat, the elevator is extremely crowded now. People almost turning blue trying not to breathe. Most showing pretty extreme level of silent disgust.

Several seconds, long pause, then doors open, all BP burst out of elevator, start walking off in different directions, one BP says loudly)

"Good God! What was that?!"

(Another BP loudly replies)

"Sounded like a Muzak version of Kenny G!"

(Another BP wonders, again loudly)

"How is that even possible?!"

(All BP are off, pause, elevator doors open, HP exits elevator)

HP: (as he walks off, big smile) Never fails; that elevator always plays my favorite song!

(lights out)


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