October 10, 2006

A Play A Day #180

Line In The Sand


Setting: A bare stage, except there must be sand into which a line can be drawn, preferably a lot of it, spread evenly on the stage.

(Cosee and Queenie face each other center stage, Cosee looks angry, Queenie looks bemused, Cosee bends down and draws a straight line in the sand between them.)

Cosee: You cannot cross this line!

Queenie: Oh Cosee, you don't mean that.

C: I'm so sick of you hurting me, Queenie! All the time! But... not anymore! I'm ending it. This is the line!

Q: Yes, I see that, Cosee.

C: Over this line, you may never cross!

Q: You're really not being reasonable, Cosee.

C: Don't try to tell me who's being reasonable or not! You're the unreasonable one! You're the one who talks behind my back!

Q: Only when you turn away from me, Cosee.

C: You're the one who tells everyone the secrets I have told you in complete confidence!

Q: Only when I'm saving you from a larger problem, Cosee.

C: You're the one who stole my boyfriend!

Q: Only to get him away from you, Cosee.

C: See?! Exactly! You admit it!

Q: Yes, Cosee, I stole him, just so I could get rid of him before he destroyed you.

C: You don't know that.

Q: He was using your credit card to buy expensive gifts for other women, Cosee.

C: They were for his Mother... she's dying.

Q: She's dead, has been for five years.

C: Why... didn't he tell me then?!

Q: He was a liar, Cosee. He was a liar, and you have money and nice breasts.

C: I do not!

Q: You do have money, Cosee, and you do have nice breasts.

C: Welll... fine. But you don't cross that line. I'm so sick of you. (not said convincingly)

Q: (sitting down on her side of the line) So what do we do then, Cosee?

C: Why do you have to use my name in every sentence?! I know who you're talking to.

Q: Because it's a beautiful name...

C: So?

Q: And you're a beautiful friend... Cosee.

C: Stop it.

Q: Okay.

C: (sitting down on her side of the line) Why do you feel like you have to save me all the time?

Q: Because, you often do things that require being saved.

C: That's so... so... uhhh...

Q: Patronizing?

C: Yes, that's it... you did it again!

Q: I'm sorry, Cosee.

C: Just let me make mistakes! And STOP using my name all the time!

Q: I do let you make mistakes, Co...

C: No, no you don't... I don't always need saving either!

Q: I know that.

C: You're just going to have to live with it, then. I get to make my own choices, and I get to live with the results.

Q: I know.

C: If I don't like a choice I made; I'll change it.

Q: You're so stubborn, Cosee; usually you don't change the decision even if you know it's wrong.

C: Maybe because I'm expecting you to save me.

Q: So, by saving you from pain; I'm hurting you?

C: You're not letting me learn, Queenie.

Q: Oh. (pause) I never thought of it like that, Cosee.

C: You can't save me from every decision I make.

Q: I shouldn't save you, Cosee?

C: Right. I need to learn to live with my bad decisions.

Q: I am not your savior. Okay...

C: No, you're not.

Q: (pause) So, what about this line?

C: My decision; you cannot cross it. I'm really mad at you. I mean it.

Q: Oh.

(long pause, they stare at audience, sky, around them, after a while a freak breeze picks up and spreads the sand around, line blows away, Queenie looks down after the breeze has gone)

Q: Neat.

(Queenie reaches for Cosee, puts a comforting arm around her shoulder, Cosee immediately melts against Queenie's side and slides closer to her, lights start fading)

C: (with a relieved sigh) Thank you.

(they sit with their heads leaning together, both smiling calmly as the lights fade out)


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