October 1, 2006

A Play A Day #171

Party At Jerry's


Setting: Office hallway.

(Enter Jerry, crossing stage right to stage left, looking at some papers, looks up, sees Pete enter crossing same path down the hall, stage left to stage right)

Jerry: Hey, Pete. Party at my place, this Saturday, start around 7. Bring the wife and kids; they can sleep in the den when it gets late.

Pete: Sounds great; I'll check my calendar... I was wondering when you were going to have another one. Mindy will be excited; I'm sure.

Jerry: Cool... (start parting) Hey, you usually bump into Busker and Will, don't ya?

Pete: Yeah, see at least one of them pretty much every day.

Jerry: Well, if you see either of them, let them know that I'd love to see them there, okay?

Pete: Will do. See you, man. Thanks for the invite!

Jerry: Sure; hope to see you Saturday.

(Jerry exits, Pete turns and walks, but stops almost immediately as Busker comes into the hall, crossing stage right to stage left)

Pete: Hey, Busker!

Busker: Yeah, Petey?

Pete: Jerry says (thinks for a while) ummmm.... oh yeah... he's going to fuck your dog...

Busker: Oh... okay.

Pete: If you see Will, let him know too; alright?

Busker: Sure, sure.

Pete: Alright, see you around, Busker. (he exits)

(Busker continues on his way, stops as Will enters, crossing stage left to stage right)

Busker: Oh, hey! Will.

Will: Hello, Buskey, how ya doing?

Busker: Fine, fine... listen, Pete just told me there's a party at Jerry's, Saturday, probably 7 again. You're invited too.

Will: Shit, Buskey. You going?!

Busker: Yeah, I guess.

Will: Really?

Busker: Yeah... I'll just leave my dog at home this time.

Will: Oh. Good idea. I will too then.

Busker: Smart. See you there.

Will: Yep.

(They exit as lights go down quickly)



Wendy Berrell said...

Does this have anything to do with the T-M Rockets?

Brendon Etter said...

Ha! No... not that I know of... I think most people there probably do manage to steer clear of beastiality. At least with their work buddies' pets.