October 15, 2006

A Play A Day #185

Little Bother

Older Teen
Little Boy

Setting: A wooden arm chair, center stage, Older Teen sits in it, hands on arm rests, feet flat on the floor.

(Lights up, Little Boy enters running and screaming with a large pillow, he just starts whacking away at Older Teen, as fast as he can. Older Teen remains calm, addresses audience, his words stopping with each hit to his head, chest or wherever.)

Older Teen: I will (whack)

OT: I'll (whack)

OT: I'll say (whack)

OT: I'll say this (whack)

(Little Boy leaves, comes back with an empty two liter bottle of soda, again starts whacking away)

OT: (has been looking over his shoulder as LB left) I'll say this about my little brother (whack)

OT: He's (whack)

OT: He's really (whack)

OT: methodical (whack)

OT: and (whack)

OT: persistent. (whack)

(LB leaves quickly, OT looking over his shoulder, a pause)

OT: But, I don't...

(LB sprints back on stage with a large book, immediately starts hitting OT hard again)

OT: I don't have (whack)

OT: the slightest idea (whack)

OT: the slightest idea (whack)

OT: who (whack)

OT: who this kid is! (whack, whack, whack)

(LB runs off stage, OT is getting a little woozy from the whacks to his head, looks over his shoulder)

OT: C'mon, kid, untie me! Please!

(Lights fade quickly as we catch a glimpse of LB running back on stage with an aluminum bat in his hands, ready to whack away, OT starts desperately straining at his bonds, panicing)


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