July 10, 2006

A Play A Day #88



Setting: Blank stage.

Lippy: (center stage, very loudly, lights up immediately on his word) BAM!! (pause, he thinks, tries again, a little different sounding) BAM!!

(enter Trench, he's a tough guy, small-time criminal type)

Trench: Hey, Lippy, what you doing?

L: (this is not a friend of Lippy's) Ahhh! Stay away, Trench!

T: What?!

L: Just stay right there!

T: Why?

L: Just don't come near me, o.k?!

T: Sure. Fine.

L: Thanks.

T: What you doing?

L: I'm trying to remember this sound I heard once.

T: Yeah? Like what?

L: BAM!!

T: Bam?

L: Yeah, just a sort of Bam! sound.

T: (slight variation) Like Bam!

L: (his version of the sound) No, more like Bam!

T: O.K.

L: (more searching his memory, to himself) Bam! (slight change in tone, pitch, whatever) Bam! No... Bam! Ah.., Bam! No, crap!

T: Why you trying to remember a sound?

L: A very specific sound.

T: Right. Fine. Why?

L: (a little reticent) Because I found out a few days ago that I can see the future...

T: What?

L: I found out a few days ago that I can see the future.

T: (laughter) Ohhh? Really?

L: Don't laugh.

T: No... No... that's great!

L: Don't patronize me!

T: Hey... can you tell me what the lottery numbers are going to be tomorrow?

L: It doesn't work that way! Alright, leave me be; I have to remember this sound!

T: (getting more and more sarcastic and cruel) How does it work, Lippy? How do these new magic powers work?

L: Shut up, alright! You have to believe me!

T: I do! I do! Just tell me what dogs will win, and I'll shut up for ya.

L: I can only see the immediate future, o.k? Please go away!

T: (getting a little convinced now, and, consequently, more threatening) Yeah, like tomorrow, next week... fine, you're the kinda friend I think I'll need more and more over the next few days...

L: No! Like the immediate future as in ten minutes from now or so.

T: Hey... ten minutes into the future... what the hell, still works at the blackjack table. Ten minutes could be very valuable.

L: (catching onto the threat) You don't understand. I go into a very short trance, I see something that's going to happen in a few minutes, I snap out of it, and I can't remember what I just saw.

T: Yeah... nice cover...

L: No, it's true. I only have this vague sense of what I saw in the trance. Like a dream, but sometimes I can pull little things out of the vision.

T: Good for you... now like I was saying...

L: It's important, because if I remember even one little thing correctly, I can usually recall the whole vision...

T: Sure you can, Lippy.

L: ... and then I can avoid the situation or change it...

T: I doubt it.

L: ... the visions are always bad...

T: (stepping out of Lippy's peripheral vision, while Lippy closes eyes and tries to remember the sound) I'll bet.

L: (facing forward) ... it's like a warning system... (remembering) Bam!... not it... Bam!... no...

T: (pulling gun) Not a very good warning system.

L: Bam!

(That's the right sound, eyes shoot open, he's remembered everything of the vision, Trench is leveling gun off from behind Lippy, Lippy knows this, turns, knocks the gun out of Trench's hand, beats Trench to it, and levels it at Trench)

T: (nonchalantly stepping toward Lippy) Hey! Hey! Sorry... no harm right? (moving toward him more) I was just thinking you might be useful in a little game I'm gonna set up with some colleagues... (continues advancing) good money for someone with your ability, we split it...

L: Stop moving!

T: (advancing as Lippy backs away) Lotta money, real fast. C'mon, Lip!

L: Stop!!

T: (advancing, Lippy retreating, but backs up against a wall) Why?!

(Trench grabs for the gun, struggle, gun fires - Bam! - Trench falls to the ground)

L: (looking at Trench, hanging his head) Because I know how this ends. (drops the gun, backs off slowly, with remorse)

(lights fade out)


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Brendon Etter said...

Bleeet is Back.

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