July 3, 2006

A Play A Day #81



Setting: Bare stage. Can be anywhere. Man and Woman enter, strolling lovingly, hand in hand, moving downstage center. They stop, looking off over the audience.

Woman: Ohhh, honey! (pointing) Would you look at that!

Man: Wow! I haven't seen something like that for a long time!

W: It's so big!

M: Yes, although, I think it's also rather small.

W: Yeah... I'm surprised to see it around here.

M: Me too. Me too.

W: I love the colors.

M: Yes, yet it's so monochromatic.

W: Yes, that too. I like that.

M: I remember seeing that when I was in college.

W: Really?

M: Yes. I would go outside and walk around, and it seemed like you could see that most every day.

W: I haven't seen it that often; you're lucky.

M: Well, we would see it at least once a week anyway.

W: We?

M: Yes, me and my.... friend.

W: Friend?

M: I was so much younger than that then though.

W: Which friend?

M: Hmmm?

W: Which friend? Todd, Bill, Perry...?

M: Yes. One of them.

W: Which one?

M: Lisa.

W: Lisa?

M: Sure.

W: Lisa?

M: Yes... or it could have been Diane.

W: Lisa? Diane? Who are these women?

M: No, I remember it was Sally, because it was right before that one night.

W: That?

M: Well, not that.

W: That one night?

M: Yes, great night.

W: What happened that night?

M: Well, it was Peggy's first night seeing something like that.

W: Peggy?

M: Yes, sorry, I said Sally... I meant Peggy.

W: Of course you did!

M: Sally had seen that many times before that night.

W: Uh-huh...

M: Wow! She was surprised! (laughing) I still remember the shrieking! God, she could scream!

W: Peggy screamed. About what? That?

M: No, no, no! Peggy never screamed at that. She liked that a lot!

W: What then?

M: Oh, she screamed about somthing other than that.

W: Yes, and....?

M: Now, Leah! She screamed at that all the time. She never got used to that at all.

W: Leah?

M: Some women never get used to that.

W: (to herself) I certainly have.

M: Melanie, she never did. Neither did Mary or Tina... definitely not Debbie.

W: Anyone else?

M: Ahhh... none of them were important... so many years ago.

W: Yes, many.

M: Betty really liked that though; boy, she just begged to see that all the time!

W: Betty?

M: (in female voice) Can I touch that? Can I put that in my mouth again? (regular voice) Ahh, she was a trooper!

W: Yes, sounds like a lot of trooping!

M: I'd bring her out here and show her that; she was so happy!

W: Great.

M: Sometimes I'd bring Betty and a couple of her friends. Now, that was fun!

W: Really?

M: Yeah! They all liked that... a lot!

W: Can we go?

M: Once, I remember, it was Betty and four women all named Sarah! Weird, huh?

W: Yes.

M: And Sally was there that night too... the second Sally.

W: I'm going!

M: Ahhh, why, sweetie?

W: I don't fell like looking at that any longer, that's all.

M: Yes... o.k.

W: So, come on! (she tugs at his arm)

M: Ohhh... you know what?

W: What?!

M: It was Todd.

W: Todd? Your best man?

M: Yep, it was Todd.

W: You saw that with Todd.

M: Yeah, definitely Todd.

W: Ummmm... o.k.... so who...

M: That was the last time I saw that... with Todd.

W: Who were all those women?

M: Oh, them? Ahhh...

W: Who!!?

M: Just some women I knew.

W: Uh-huh... and what was (air-quotes) that?

M: That?

W: Yes, that?

M: Ohhh.... nothing, just a little thing...

W: Oh, little?

M: Yeah... sometimes it was bigger...

W: I'll bet, but still little...

M: Hey now! Bigger than that anyway.

(exiting, lights fading)

W: Four Sarahs?

M: Well, the fifth was sick that night.

(Lights out)


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