June 4, 2006

A Play A Day #52

C. In A D.


Setting: A R., late at N., the R. is C., N. is cleaning up the T. and P enters SL. It is the Y. 2055.

P: Hey N, what a C. D., huh? Never thought we would make it through the E. R. with so many P. coming in from the R.

N: N. K. I think we had a lot of T. A. from the B. P. down the S.

P: Y.

N: I'm just about D. with the T. and then I'll M. the C. so I can S. and M.

P: C.

N: Hey, P. Can I A. you S.?

P: S. W.U.?

N: W., I've noticed a lot of P. who come in H. who use full W. when T. talk. Have Y. noticed T. too?

P: S. We have an O. clientele; T. rejected the I. and C.R. speak a long T. ago.

N: W.? That's kind of S.

P: I think that T. believe that C.R. speak has D. the E. L.

N: H.?

P: Y. G. M.!

N: I mean, if T. want to L. in the P., that's F. with M., but, the F. belongs to A. for E.

P: I K.! The T. for the last T. Y. has gone to a P. or M. done in C.R.

N: R.?

P: Y.!

N: That's so F. C.!

P: And the F. of the M. is that the C.R. we S. isn't even actual C.R. like what our G.P. used on the I.

N: I K. It's not about cutesy A. for common E. It's more about U. first L. to I. important W. in a S.

P: E. is U. man.

N: F. R.! And A. is A.

P: W. the H.? W. is that so H. to U. for these neo-Luddites?

N: I have N. I. That's W. I was A. Y. in the F. P..

P: R.! S. I forgot.

N: Ahh... N. B. D., man.

P: W... Just F. U. in the A.

N: O.K. You C. S. M. F.

P: N. I need to L. my own A. first.

N: C. Then, maybe, Y. could S. my D.?

P: Sounds G. N., just F. U. with your B. J.

N: Will do. (P starts to E.) Hey, P? T.!

P: N. P., N.

(L. O.)



Brendon Etter said...

Yes, the abbreviations all mean something. It all makes perfect sense. Don't read too much into it. I'm N. F. K.

Jessica said...

Dear B.,
You R.! I L. your P.
I plan to R. them E.
How can Y. be so endlessly C.?


Brendon Etter said...

Hello Jessica, who is 30 and lives in "small city", Germany. I'm afraid I'm not sure if I know who you are. I probably should, but, at the moment, I'm drawing a blank.

Thank you so much for leaving a nice comment like that.

There's no real reason that I have to know you; in fact, I'd be thrilled if more and more complete strangers started reading A Play A Day.

ShOI said...

A.F.A.T.I.W.D., B.I.M.S.I.Y.R.I.S.. B.R.T.P., I T. Y.S.W. a D.L.T.!


Brendon Etter said...

Oh my! shOI brings the pain. He's sooo futuristic! He's like the Master C.R. He holds the Key. You know THE Key? There exists no thing he can't shorten to some thing. T. F. I. B.!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bleeet,

I'm the common link between you and Jessica who is 30 and lives in small town Germany. I'm friends with trombvestite's wife, who sent me the link to your blog, and I thought my friend Jess would appreciate it so I sent her the link. So your blog has now traveled through several time zones to a complete stranger (although technically I am a complete stranger as well--but it's not as exciting since I live in Northfield). Keep up the good writing!


Brendon Etter said...

A Gigantic Collective "woot, woot" to the first two complete strangers to step out of the shadows and... umm... confess to reading my blog. Elizabeth, a dangerous Northfield-type-person, with dangerous connections to dangerous people - egads, THE wife of Tromvestite?! She's frickin' scary-dangerous! - in a dangerous land during dangerous times (what with the Highway 3 construction and terrorists and carp and all that), and her mysterious "commesouer", Jessica, from mysterious small city in a mysterious country where mysterious people speak a mysterious language and eat mysterious foods with mysterious names in mysterious times... ummm... on a mysterious continent... in a mysterious time zone... uhhh... I'll stop now.

Anyway, the titilation is almost too much to bear. Who else hides there, behind the bushes? Who is it? Come out, come out, little friends! Speak, speak!

Hooray! For people sending the link along!

Y. all F. R.!