September 13, 2006

A Play A Day #153

Product Misplacement


Setting: Outdoors, anywhere. The surroundings are extremely bright white. Real-time. The play takes as long as such a thing must take.

Man enters holding chocolate ice cream cone. He is dressed in blinding white clothing. He examines the ice cream, which is starting to melt. The lights get a little brighter, the ice cream melts more. The man starts looking alarmed. The lights get hotter, brighter, the ice cream continues to melt. The man does not eat it; he simply watches it with rising indigination and non-verbal exhortations and frustration. The lights get brighter, more of them, it's getting very hot on stage now, the man is sweating and stalking around the stage staring at the melting ice cream, it is dripping everywhere, running down his hand, soiling his nice shirt, he is angry and getting more so. He swings his arms splashing ice cream melt everywhere. The light are up fully, as many as you can have on the stage at once. The ice cream cone is next to nothing, man cannot believe what he's seeing. He seethes, stares at the audience.

Man: The fun is over! Never seen such a thing in my life! Someone has some serious explaining to do! (storming off) This has to be, without a doubt, the worst car I've ever bought! (throwing remnants of cone on the ground)

(lights out)



ShOI said...

At least it was boneless ice cream.

Brendon Etter said...

Okay... this comment fucking rocked! Why can't all y'all be clever as fuck like ShOI?

In one very short sentence, he captures the entire play. Note: He doesn't summarize, he writes a tangent that carries the weight of the play itself.

Not easy to do... or is it? You all must try.