September 1, 2006

A Play A Day #141



Setting: A sofa, lights are low. Sadie and Maseo are very close on the couch. They lose themselves more and more into lust as the play progresses.

Maseo: Sadie, what would you do if I touched you there?

Sadie: Break your finger.

M: What if I touched you... there?

S: Break that finger too.

M: And there?

S: One more broken!

M: What about there?

S: Snap!

M: And on your... ummm... your cunt?

S: There goes your hand, cowboy!

M: Would it hurt?

S: Oh yeah... touch my cunt, you're in pain.

M: What if I tried to undress you?

S: I'd slam your head on the floor once for every button.

M: And if I took off my pants?

S: I'd burn your balls with my lighter!

M: Dear God! What else?! What else!?

S: I'd slice open your cheeks, all four of them, I'd pull the hair from your head, I'd grind my stilettos into your back, I'd break your teeth, and crack your ribs!

M: Why?! Whywhywhywhywhy?!

S: 'Cause you're scum, Maseo! You're a little bug that needs crushing! You're ugly, worthless, and stupid! I'd be doing the world a favor, destroying a hateful little shit stain like you!

M: (leaping up and thrashing around) YES! YES! YES! Call me scum! Make me worthless! Tell me how horrible I am!

S: (sincerely) But I love you, Maseo.

M: (collapsing to the floor) YES! That's it! Give it to me! Hurt me more! MORE! MORE!

S: You are a beautiful human being.

M: (convulsing on the floor) Ahhhhhhhh!!! YEEESSSSSS! More! Again! More! More!

S: I care for you deeply, as an individual.

M: OOOHHHH! You're too good! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop!

S: You have so much to offer the world.

(lights fading out)

M: Sadie! Sadie! Keep going! All night, all night, please, never let it stop!

S: I will give that satisfaction, my sweet one.

(Maseo moans as the lights go out)



Brendon Etter said...

I know, I know... this is a dramatic variation and extension of an old joke. Don't hate me; because I'm really sick... no really, I got some sort of hell cold... It's hard to write for a long time when feeling like this. Careful, or I'll go post nasal on yo' ass.

The Bleeet hath Spleeet.


Anonymous said...

This is sort of "Masochism Tango"-ish. I almost went and put the CD on when I read it.