September 10, 2006

A Play A Day #150

A Little Girl Will Always Find A Way To Beat You

A Little Girl
An Older Man
An Older Woman

Setting: A house.

A Little Girl: I'm bored.

An Older Man: How have we failed her?

An Older Woman: I don't know.

LG: I'm going outside.

OM: She will be killed.

OW: For certain.

LG: Older Man? Older Woman? Where are my boots?

OW: Sadly, I do not know.

OM: More sadly, I don't know either.

LG: I want to jump in the puddles.

OW: She will drown.

OM: The puddles have water in them.

LG: I will go in my bare feet.

OM: Pneumonia!

OW: Broken glass!

OM: Puddle sharks!

OW: Whirlpools!

LG: I think I will start riding a bike now.

OM: Her skull will be smashed on the curb!

OW: She'll be run over!

LG: I want to watch television.

OM: Now, we may rest.

OW: Nothing bad will come of that.

LG: Now, I will get something to eat.

OW: She'll choke.

OM: It won't be nutritious enough.

LG: I'm going to sleep.

OM: Bad dreams!

OW: Carried off in the night!

OM: Remember the good days?

OW: When she watched TV and was happy?

OM: Now she sleeps!

OW: She eats!

OM: She plays outside!

OW: She rides a bike!

OM: She gets...

OM/OW: Bored!

OW: Will she read next?

OM: Undoubtedly.

OW: But what is in those books?

OM: I do not want to know.

OW: Could be anything.

OM: Words.

OW: Pictures.

OM: Snakes!

OW: Explosions!

OM: It is too much. Older Woman?

OW: Yes, Older Man?

OM: We must... give her away.

OW: It is the right thing to do.

OM: The situation is too fraught with peril.

OW: I am too fraught with the fraught of peril.

OM: As am I.

OW: Little girl?

LG: Yes, Older Woman?

OW: Older man and I have decided something.

OM: Something very serious.

LG: I get a puppy?! Wow! (hugs them both in the most perfect way possible, skips off stage)

OM: Oh... that was not our plan.

OW: (she is reliving the hug with her body) We must keep her.

OM: (he relives the hug as well) Yes, for one more day.

OW: Yes, one more day.

OM: Do puppies have enormous biting teeth?

OW: Perhaps, and also... germs!

(lights out)


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