September 6, 2006

A Play A Day #146



Setting: Bare stage.

(Lights rise, a noise starts backstage, it is a person - Person1 - ramping up in excitement, rapidly going over the top, then bursting onto stage, screaming and frothing at the mouth, he dashes around the stage, running into walls, tripping, spinning wildly, overreacting to any stimuli, he is swearing, making loud incomprehensible blathering sounds, sweating, tearing at his hair, basically anything that a completely mad person would do, he carries this into the audience where he accosts many audience members, crawling over them, pulling them out of their seats, yelling in their faces, sprawling onto them, tearing his clothes off, spitting, anything you can think of, any words can be said so long as they are repetitive and blubbering, lots of shouting, and random junk thrown in, keep it up as long as the audience will seem to allow. This guy is beyond out-of-control, when the actor feels the time is right, but not until at least three minutes have passed, he may crazily exit the house out the front doors, he should be heard for a bit longer though.)

(Person2 enters, he is calm, searching the stage for something, searches for a minute or so, acting a little confused, finally comes right down to the audience)

2: Ummm... this is a little awkward... I don't usually ask people things like this... but I... uhhh... had this little baggie that had... three large PCP tabs in it... uhhh... have any of you seen it? ... just like a clear plastic... uhhh... baggie kind of thing...

(Person1 enters, looking relaxed and pretty darn normal)

1: Dude, found this in the dressing room? These yours?

2: (taking baggie, counting pills) Yes, yes, they are. Thanks, man! (exits offstage)

(Person1 looks after 2, then turns a mischievous eye toward the house, like a hungry tiger, he starts revving up again, ranting, frothing, lunges toward audience, but lights go out immediately, he goes silent)

1: (quietly) Damn.

(He exits in the dark)



Brendon Etter said...

Not at all based on the Hitchcock movie of the same name. A film I do adore.


ShOI said...

You forgot the part where Person1 howls at the moon, wets his pants, threatens his housemates, leaves for an hour, then says something cryptic like "I was here [pointing to a spot on a table] but now I'm here [pointing to a different spot].