August 6, 2006

A Play A Day #115

What You Buy


Setting: Bedroom, in bed, post-coital.

(lights up)

Rex: You think they're still asleep?

Marsha: The kids?

Rex: Yeah.

Marsha: Probably.

Rex: Even after all that screaming?

Marsha: Was I screaming?

Rex: Yes! A lot!

Marsha: Sorry, honey!

Rex: What's there to be sorry for?

Marsha: It just hasn't been that good for a while.

Rex: Gee, thanks!

Marsha: No! Don't do that! You know what I mean.

Rex: Not sure.

Marsha: It was my mindset, you know; it was me.

Rex: Well, you were awfully good.

Marsha: Thank you.

(sound of a toilet flushing, enter Elaine in a night shirt)

Elaine: You two about done? I need to get to bed.

Rex: Sure thing, Elaine!

Marsha: (sitting up in bed, getting out and putting something on) When will I see you again?

Rex: (getting out of bed, getting some clothes on) I imagine that'll depend on the wife, here.

Marsha: $200 this time.

Rex: I think that's what we agreed on.

(Marsha grabs purse, pulls a bunch of bills out, hands them to Rex, Rex grabs them while slipping on his shirt)

Marsha: There you are.

Rex: Thanks. I'll just let myself out.

(Rex exits, waving good-bye, lights start fading)

Elaine: (getting into bed as Marsha gets back into bed) Do you have to scream so much? You're going to wake the kids.

Marsha: (snuggling up to Elaine, kissing her on the shoulder) Sorry, honey.

(lights out)


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the best of both worlds to me...