January 19, 2012

Board Games for the Very Lonely

Monopsony - one buyer, all the money, two dice included as a cruel joke

Tic - not even the fun, involuntary, musculature kind, a 3 x 3 grid of short-lived eternity

So, So Sorry - return to start, return to start, return to start

Chutes - you hurt the cat with the broken cookie jar then threw them both through the hole in the ice to hide the evidence

Othello - try to pretend it's a racially diverse community, keep trying

Checker - you can't lose, you can't win, absolutely no one will king you

Scrabble - all consonants special edition, no anarchic blank tiles

Operation - no touching!

Clue - Jeffrey Dahmer limited set, can you guess who did it?

Twister - for one, otherwise known as better than yoga, but who'll spin the arrow? That's right. Your cat, loser.

Candy Land - because your acid score fell through

Strategergo - ex-Presidents only

Trivial Surrender - no questions, just a board and a white, pie-shaped flag

Decommissioned Battleship - tours at noon and 4 p.m., Mondays and Thursdays only

Life - the board just keeps unfolding