November 18, 2010

Some Fun New Fast Food Restaurant Names and Concepts

These fast food restaurant names are free to all. I will allow you to use the name in exchange for all the pointing and laughing.

Rapirito (Extremely fast Mexican food, extremely prone to being mispronounced.)

Oozers (Burgers loaded with everything that makes them compulsively edible.)

Extroodles (Quick pasta, quickly processed by both ends of the transaction.)

Kwik 'n Frickin' Chicken (Otherwise known as K'F'C where the apostrophes are said as adorable little clucks.)

Sum Ho's Spread (A Korean buffet-style eatery, leftovers can be taken home in adorable pink boxes.)

Chunkers (Everything gets put in a blender that you get to control! Weeeeee! Will it be a spoon or a fork for eating?)

Fastcism (You don't get to chose, but you eat quickly, quietly and leave. Eyes down!)

Doms' Subs (You can tell them to make you any kind of sandwich you want, any way you want it, and please don't be nice about it. You won't believe the different toppings and sauces they'll give you if you don't ask for them!)

Lances (Waiters in only barbecue aprons serving only the finest of hotdogs and elongated meat meals.)

Cooters (Snuggled closely to Lances, waitresses in only barbecue aprons serving only fish tacos and many forms of finger food.)

Foodthings (What? Oh, yeah... I think we have something like that in the back. Hold on.)

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