November 3, 2010

Mind over Matter: The Empirical Tests

Matter: Broken femur, protruding slightly through the flesh
Mind: Over this matter after eleven shots of tequila

Matter: Vomiting guts out
Mind: Over this after purchase of replacement, vomit-proof guts

Matter: Moving 180 pound sofa-bed up three flights of stairs to new apartment
Mind: Over this after providing eleven shots of tequila to a nearby draft horse

Matter: Ten pages due to boss in three hours
Mind: Over this when you remember you hate your stupid boss

Matter: Only half way through the marathon, and you can't take another step
Mind: Over this when you repurpose marathon as a fist fight, anger carries you home

Matter: Draft horse stuck in your third floor apartment
Mind: Over this when you find two old pairs of rollerskates and rediscover gravity

Matter: Lost your mind
Mind: Doesn't matter

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