July 21, 2008

Brendon Etter Asks: Why Waste Your Vote on a Candidate That's Just Going to Win?

Dear Local and Auxiliary Voters,

Have you grown tired of going to the polls only to check a box for the victorious candidate? So have I.

Why would you want to waste your vote on a candidate that's just going to win anyway?

The winning candidate, being the winner, doesn't need your vote. She or he won, otherwise we wouldn't say he or she was the winner.

With or without you, that greedy candidate will have won.

What does this mean? If you vote for the winning candidate, your vote will have been effectively stolen from you by a selfish person who doesn't even need it!

This vote hoarding must stop! It corrupts our most basic democratic right: the right to vote freely for any candidate.

Why would you want your vote to be thrown away on a hopeless winning case?

We must - must - stand up to this chicanery that allows winning candidates to walk away with the office without regard to the thousands of votes rendered useless by victory.

How do we do this?

Refuse to vote for the winning candidate!

That's the only way to fix this broken system. If enough of us refuse to vote for the winning candidate, and instead vote for a candidate that will lose, like a write-in candidate, then the winning candidate will not be able to confiscate all those votes by winning.

The fight will not be easy, but fight we must, dear citizens.

Fight we must.


Brendon Etter said...

Thanks to Michael Kirby, a man who never wastes his vote, for the inspiration.

Jim H. said...

RE: Candidates who whine.

Don't all candidates do that? They whine about their opponents being unfair, they whine about the press getting stuff wrong, they whine about pollsters polling. So it's kind of hard not to waste a vote on a candidate who's just going to whine anyway. So now you go and compound the problem by whining about whining!

Brendon Etter said...

Dear Jim,

You raise many good, useless points. I will ignore them as well as I am able.

Thank you.