February 25, 2010

New "Extreme" Olympic Sports or Blockbuster Movie Titles?

Trying to broaden its appeal to younger audiences, the Olympics have expanded into newer, trendier sports. Here are a few suggestions for possible new extreme sports to help capture prime marketing demographics, mixed in with a few of my favorite blockbuster movies. I do not know which is which, however. You decide.

1) Snow Double Cross
2) Luge Attack
3) Hyperathlon
4) Team Handbomb
5) Badminton II - Worseminton
6) Javelinator
7) Voodoo Judo
8) Zing! Pong!
9) Snow Double Cross II: Triple Cross
10) Decapitlon
11) On Her Majesty's Short Track Speed Skating Service
12) Snow Horde
13) Breast Stroker, Private Eye
14) Snow Double Cross III: Cross On Cross On Cross On Cross
15) Ten Meter High Dying
16) Dodge-arrow
17) Rhythmic Gymnasts of the Lost Ark


ShOI said...

18) Curling up and dying
19) Bobslay
20) 9mm Luge(r)
21) Fister skating
22) Skeleton (wait, that's real)
23) Meth skating

Brendon Etter said...

Nice, as always, ShOI... (I almost included skeleton, actually.)