September 13, 2007

A Rewrite of the Alphabet Based on How Much Money the Letters Owe Me

Some of these letters have outstanding liabilities in my ledger. It is best if you do not ask exactly what services I have rendered to each of the letters to cause these debts to accumulate.

Only know that such services were legal at the time of their rendering.

1. q
2. m
3. e
4. g
5. r
6. j
7. o
8. f
9. v
10. i
11. x
12. a (tie)
12. c (tie)
14. p
15. w
16. s
17. d
18. k (waiting for the check to clear)
19. h (paid in full)
19. y (paid in full)
19. n (paid in full)
19. u (paid in full)
19. z (paid in full)
19. b (paid in full)
25. l (missing, presumed dead)
26. t (surplus)

Again, exercise caution when interacting with q. I cannot stress this enough.


Unknown said...

That bastard v owes me money, too, goddamnit!

Circe said...

That b took my money. She must have taken it to pay you.

Anonymous said...

I gots yo money and I be keepin it. Fuck all y'all.