September 4, 2007

A Rewrite of the Alphabet Based on How Much I Believe Each of the Letters Is Involved in Violent Underground Activities

Letters are not as innocent as they would have me believe. Watch out for those in the top ten especially!

1. q
2. y
3. e
4. m
5. j (tie)
5. a (tie)
7. t
8. x
9. h
10. o
11. p
12. c
13. v
14. f
15. l
16. w
17. i
18. r
19. k
20. s
21. u
22. g (tie)
22. z (tie)
22. b (tie)
22. d (tie)
26. n (forfeit)

Seriously, watch out for q, a very dangerous letter. Y only wishes it could catch up to q, but it's in, like, a distant second place, almost getting lapped.

1 comment:

Jim H. said...

This will be very useful when working on those CryptoQuip puzzles.

Also, my suspicions about certain letters have now been confirmed.