May 30, 2006

A Play A Day #47

The Best Musical Ever Written

Evil Guy

Setting: A blank stage which symbolizes the open spaces of the heart

Heroine: (hugging Hero) Hold harder!

Hero: (letting her go) No. I must... let you go! (lets her go, leaves)

Heroine: (starts to cry, music swells, it is rich and full of textures and nuances and incredibly freakin' swelling in nature, she sings through her tears)

Look at me, alone in this world
So what of her, this lonely girl
How does he know my heart's yearning
Where does it lead, all this burning

I can only live the life of virtue
It's how I was raised, how I must be
If you...

(Evil Guy steps on stage, and shoots Heroine several times, music deconstructs as she dies)

Hero: (running back on stage at the sound of the shots) No!! Damn you, Evil Guy! I will destroy you!

(Evil Guy shoots Hero several times, music swells as Hero dies, even more swelly in nature than previously)

Evil Guy: (stepping to front center and singing)
I'm the winner of this contest
I've shot them both right through the chest
Will they survive? Escape cruel death?
Sure they will, about one more breath

I can only live the life of evil
It's how I was raised, how I must be
If you...

(a light instrument falls and hits him squarely on the head, and he dies, the music cuts out abruptly and screams rise from below as a fast-moving firestorm decimates the entire orchestra pit, we hear one dying trombone note, a cymbal crash, then all is dark.)



Anonymous said...

I used to play in a crappy orchestra in the cities (I stuck it out one season). Most of concerts would have been significantly better had the first one ended with the orchestra decimated in a fire storm.

I liked this play. It made me feel good about myself.

Brendon Etter said...

Good. The trombone note was for you. You, of course, would know exactly the right note that trombone player would play as his or her flesh was melted from his or her body in an explosively rapid firestorm. I mean, you must have picked up some of that along the way.