May 25, 2006

A Play A Day #42

To No Go On If It Is In Or To Go On If It Is No In


Setting: A Park, Talker is on bench, Walker walks past.

Talker: (looking at Walker, their eyes meet, they smile) Hi!

Walker: (slight pause in walking) Hi!

Talker: (pointing in the direction Walker is heading, with urgency) No go!

Walker: (turning back to Talker now) Hm?

Talker: (pointing emphatically in same direction, shaking head) No go!

Walker: (confusedly looking in that direction) No... go?

Talker: (points finger at Walker) Yo!

Walker: (still confused a bit as to why he shouldn't go that way, pointing off in that direction again with an inquisitive) Um... so?

Talker: To go on is a no no, O.K.?

Walker: No. I go on, O.K.?

Talker: (tone is whatever, but don't say I didn't warn you) O.K.

(Walker continues on his way. Long pause, then loud scream, Walker comes running back in)

Talker: So?

Walker: It is a no no to go on!

Talker: Ay! If it is no in, do go; if it is... no go!

Walker: (nodding) It is in!

Talker: Yo... no go...

Walker: Am I go on?

Talker: No, is no go. It is in; so to go is so no no.

Walker: I'm so no go, yo!

Talker: O.K.

Walker: It go by me... (does monster-like impression) I no go on!

Talker: It is in. It go on, by-a-by.

Walker: O.K.

Talker: Yo. It go, me go.

Walker: Me go on if it go.

Talker: No.

Walker: No?

Talker: No. (indicating Walker) No go.

Walker: Me no go?

Talker: No, if it go, me go on. (indicating Walker again, shaking head) No go.

Walker: Uh?

Talker: (explaining with arm gestures and emphasis) If it go, me go. It is my go.

Walker: Um... I no go?

Talker: No. It is my go.

Walker: Oh... it is my go if it go on as so.

Talker: Yo.

Walker Oh no.

Talker: If it is to be, it is no up to me; it is up to it to go or no go; so I go, if it go.

Walker: I am to go if it go on as so.

Talker: O.K.?

Walker: No.

Talker: Yo. It no go.... (gesticulating pronouncedly toward the thing offstage) It.... (to himself) me.... (to himself, again) me.... (toward offstage) it....

Walker: Um. It...

Talker: Me. Me...

Walker: It?

(Talker smiles and nods)

Walker: (edging away from Talker) So? I go....

Talker: (makes horrific monster-like noise, Walker runs off stage, long pause, then smile) It go on as so.

(lights out)


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