May 20, 2006

A Play A Day #37

Gone In Forty-Five Seconds

Actor, male or female, late teens to fifties.

Blank stage, spot on the actor.

Actor: (Spot is intense, actor speaks very rapidly) O.K. O.K. O.K. O.K.! I have less than a minute to tell you about this totally amazing thing that happened to me today. Just a couple hours ago. I was at home; the phone rings. It's my mother. She's going on and on about this terrible accident on the Interstate, describing it in full detail. (miming phone) I say: How do you know all this, Mom? "Oh, I was in the car." What? "Yeah, I got messed up pretty bad. Nearly decapitated!" (Light starts fading, soft, eerie music starts to swell in the background) What!!? She says: "Yeah, remember, you we're driving. There wasn't much left to you. A semi always beats a Honda Civic." (pause, no more phone, to audience) Oh, yeah. A voice told me I had a couple hours to straighten up my affairs; then I'd have to get going. Forever. So, good-by. (Light should be completely out by now, music should be nearly as loud as the actor's voice will allow) Thanks for listening. (Music swells to full volume, holds there for a while, then fades.)


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