May 19, 2006

A Play A Day #36

Meet The Awkwards (Agghh, Words!)

(This play is about the subtlety of body language that keeps us silent in social situations of all types. It's also about being shy. It's also incredibly easy to memorize, but incredibly hard to do well on stage. Please remember: it is a comedy.)

Young man - early 20s
Young woman - early 20s

Scene 1

(Lights up on a club, loud music playing, lights spinning, general craziness. Man approaches Woman. Woman hesitantly acknowledges him; man smiles at her, stands a little closer, makes as if to ask her to dance, woman gives slight body motion blocking advance, but not enough of one to hid her interest in Man. She makes as if to remedy the block; he seems a bit confused. He doesn't want to bother her. She makes several more slow attempts to talk; he wants to listen and smiles and nods at her. She can't speak. He just wants to be near her. She concurs. Eye contact flies apart and back together with dazzling rapidity. There are smiles when contact is made. Their bodies turn toward and away from each other in many small ways. Play this for as long as the talent of the actors allows. It can't be stupid behavior, just awkward. The more subtle, the better. Nothing is said. Lights and music fade out.)

Scene 2

(Lights up on Man and Woman walking. Same as before. They obviously know each other a bit more. Play scene as before. Conversation almost starts many times, eye contact comes and goes, body language toward and away from each other. Play it as long as you can get away with without dulling the action. Nothing is said. Lights fade out.)

Scene 3

(Lights up on Man and Woman sitting in a car. Woman is driving. Sound of car moving. Same as before. Play this as long as it can be reasonably maintained by your actors. Lights fade out.)

Scene 4

(Lights up on Woman's apartment. Very simple set to imply living room. Man is in arm chair. Woman enters and gives him coffee. They sit in silence, drinking coffee, almost talking, almost commenting, almost really looking at each other. Again, play the silence as long and as awkwardly as your talent allows. Lights fade out)

Scene 5

(Lights up on a restaurant scene. Man and Woman at small table. The are looking at menus, then at each other, then away, trying to think about what to say. Play it for a while. Lights fade out.)

Scene 6

(Lights up on Man and Woman at a play. We see them reacting to the play, and sneaking peaks at each other, Nothing is said, of course. It's not as awkward here, a small release of the tension before the next scene. Light fade out.)

Scene 7

(Man and Woman in a small bed. They lay side-by-side. Only their necks and heads are visible. Awkward looks toward one another, attempts at speaking, play it out. Lights fade out.)

Scene 8

(Man and Woman on separate sides of the stage. Each is on a cell phone. Neither is saying anything. They are reacting slighlty to the phone; they are almost talking. Are they almost talking to each other? Lights fade out fairly quickly.)

Scene 9

(Man and Woman in wedding attire, facing audience from front lip of stage. They are reacting to words of an invisible minister. They are not really touching, though they look happy. Again, stealing peeks at each other only. Play the scene for as long as it makes sense. They turn toward each other, holding hands, not really able to look in each other's eyes. They make a very tentative kiss, lips barely touching, withdrawing quickly as lights fade out.)

Scene 10

(Man and Woman are holding a newborn baby between them. They seem happy, more comfortable. They are admiring the baby in a shy manner, not saying anything to each other. Then the baby starts wailing, loudly. Both stare at the baby in shock; they start holding it at arm's length. They glance at each other, turn away. They are looking truly panicked. Baby's wailing gets louder and louder. They set the baby down on the floor and look out at the audience, glancing at each other. Not knowing how to respond, the fear is in their eyes and postures. They turn away from the baby. They are clueless. They make panicked attempts to say something, but nothing comes out. They are truly lost as lights fade out.)



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